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World Nerd Day #OLAFACTS
January 13, 2022

World Nerd Day #OLAFACTS

World Nerd Day is a day to celebrate the eagerness to learn about new things. There's something for everyone, and contrary to the stereotypes we learned in grade school, there's nothing we love more than 'nerding' out on our favorite subjects. We might be biased, but our favorite subject to completely geek on is OLAPLEX! You might know OLAPLEX makes hair healthier, but this fact sheet will get you up to speed on all there is to know about the invention and patent holder for bond building.

We might have given a spoiler in our intro, but did you know OLAPLEX invented bond-building technology in 2014? Before then, damaged hair would need to be cut off to have a fighting chance.

OLAPLEX is the only patented, proven, and potent Molecular technology that Repairs and Strengthens hair. OLAPLEX's bis-amino compound is the original patented molecule that can repair, at the molecular level, the disulfide bonds in the hair structure. It was specifically designed to target and repair disulfide bonds in the hair. It doesn't add any protein to hair; it just reforms disulfide.

OLAPLEX was invented in a garage in Santa Barbara, CA. 

Word of mouth on Instagram and Facebook is how OLAPLEX became a household name!

OLAPLEX started with just three products in the line for about four years; OLAPLEX Nº.1,Nº.2, and Nº.3.

OLAPLEX rebuilds hair, it does not add protein to the hair.

OLAPLEX is non-toxic and can be used as often as needed.

The entire line of OLAPLEX products includes 10 products for in-salon and at-home use.

Bond-building isn't limited to hair! OLAPLEX also works amazingly on beards.

Nº.2 can be used 7 alternative ways: mini treatments, cutting lotion, extra repair, direct dyes, protective tool while on-scalp lightening, perm prep, and as a beard treatment.

It takes just 15-20 minutes for the OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment ™ and the Bond Building Intensive Treatment to repair hair permanently (until the bonds are broken again).

Curly hair loves OLAPLEX! Many users are now rocking their natural texture because of OLAPLEX.

Every single hair type and texture can benefit from OLAPLEX.

Did you know OLAPLEX has its own holiday? OLAPLEX Day is on June 25th!

The OLAPLEX Ambassadors are: Tracey Cunningham, Guy Tang, Chad Kenyon, Christin Brown, Bianca Hillier, Justin Anderson, Samantha Cusick, Chrissy Rasmussen

There is an official OLAPLEX podcast called Beauty Uncovered!

OLAPLEX can be used in every single salon service.


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