Transform Yourself & Change Your Life
September 28, 2022

Transform Yourself & Change Your Life

Transform Yourself & Change Your Life | Garrett Hawkins

A lot of people are trying to find a way to get their bodies back especially after so much time of not moving. As we try to get back into the swing of life, we have Garrett Hawkins joining us again, this time to talk about the benefits of weight training for anyone, getting past the number on the scale, and diet culture. We also talk about how he’s joining the Playbook App and how it can benefit all of you, no matter your goals or your age.

Garrett Hawkins is a personal trainer, diet coach, transformation specialist and also a national level bodybuilder. Find him on Instagram @Ghawktraining to see amazing transformations.


Show Notes

  • Not All Fitness Coaches are Mean [1:30]
  • Benefits of Weight Training for All [3:08]
  • Pushing Past the Number on the Scale [8:11]
  • Overcoming Diet Culture [11:48]
  • Feeding the Body to Lose Fat [18:46]
  • Welcome to the Playbook App [25:11]
  • The Fountain of Youth [27:39]
  • Coaching Can Bring You Further [31:52]
  • Sacrifice and Dedication [37:23]

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