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Why Your Colorist Needs You To Use OLAPLEX At Home, with Ambassador Bianca Hillier
January 21, 2021

Why Your Colorist Needs You To Use OLAPLEX At Home, with Ambassador Bianca Hillier

If you get your hair colored, repairing it at home is vital to achieving your color goals. With OLAPLEX, there’s no longer a need to live without healthy hair, and your colorist will vouch for that. We spoke to OLAPLEX Ambassador and editorial colorist Bianca Hillier to get the scoop on why using OLAPLEX outside of the salon is essential to the hair’s integrity. 

If your hairstylist has recommended you use OLAPLEX, but you’ve fallen off your routine, worry not! It’s 2021 and the perfect time to develop a new year routine. Keeping your hair healthy in between visits can help your colorist take your hair game to new heights, but be diligent–they can always tell when you haven’t OLAPLEX’d!

Why do you recommend OLAPLEX at home line for your clients?

Bianca: I have my clients using the full OLAPLEX system at home as part of a regular regiment to prep the hair for the chemical services they desire.

Can you tell when clients aren’t using OLAPLEX?

Bianca: I can always tell when someone is not using OLAPLEX in between salon services. That’s like asking a personal trainer, “Can you tell if someone is eating cake every day or working out every day?”

Do you have any cases of clients you couldn’t push too far and instead sent them home with OLAPLEX before any service? 

Bianca: As a colourist, they often ask us to push the limits and create the impossible. There have been several incidences where new clients come to me in hopes of a miracle. Sometimes these clients’ hair is basically to the point of no return. Often moving from foils to balayage, these are the clients by which I send home with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 and tell them they need to finish the bottles before any colouring service. Using OLAPLEX at home will allow for a rebuild of the molecular structure inside the hair, creating bonds that will strengthen the hair and prepare it for all the intensities of not only colouring, but brushing, thermal styling, etc.

Sometimes, many clients’ hair damage is severe and requires more OLAPLEX than others. I am extremely thorough for these specific clients and ensure that I will not colour their hair until it is at the point of continuation. Sometimes it takes months. OLAPLEX is a godsend, but not a miracle. 

Does client use of OLAPLEX at home make your job easier?

Bianca: When clients use OLAPLEX in between their salon visits, it truly makes a difference! When going lighter and trying to test the boundaries of limitation, you want to ensure clients are helping the process in the time spent away from you (the colourist). I sell OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 to all of my clients for home servicing and tell them they need to finish the bottles before any further lightening. Amazingly, the styling products, shampoo, and conditioner all have the patented formula, so when clients choose to do a little thermal styling, they’re doubling up with the OLAPLEX protection. 

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