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What's in an OLAPLEX Lover's Bag
January 31, 2022

What's in an OLAPLEX Lover's Bag

Daily essentials get their namesake because they’re essential to take on the go. Some of the most exciting videos on YouTube are people revealing what’s in their bag. Sharing tips is how we inspire each other to create a ritual that works for us. I’ve been writing this blog for 7 years now and have met some extraordinary hair and beauty professionals throughout the years, many of whom I’ve adopted tips and tricks to elevate my own essentials kit. In OLAPLEX fashion, let me take you through what’s in my bag:

While my bags are small, the contents pack a punch, and there are some things I ever leave the house with, one being lip color and cream blush. I use Milk cream blush stick and KVD Beauty Everlasting Lipstick. Even when I’m racing out of the house, a little color in my lips and cheeks helps me look a bit more alive.

OLAPLEX Nº.7 and a hair clip. Nº.7 comes in such an ideal size! I always want my naturally curly hair to look its best, so I add shine and moisture touchups throughout the day to ensure it always pops. Nº.7 also rebuilds bonds in the hair, so I love that I can go about my business while my hair is multitasking. The hair clip is essential if I find myself on a hike or last-minute workout.

The smartphone might seem like a boring one everyone has, but it’s vital to my productivity. I have my calendar with appointments, audiobooks for my commute, a meditation app, and more that keep me in rhythm.

Lip balm because there’s nothing worse than not having it and feeling my lips chap throughout the hours.

Mouth spray because who doesn’t love a Dumb and Dumber moment.

Wallet and keys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the house without my wallet, which is another reason having my phone is essential to pay with my virtual wallet. When I carry a smaller bag, I ditch the wallet and bring my ID, credit card, and a couple of bills.

Sunglasses are a Southern California essential, and I love to alternate mine. Right now, these Saint Laurent cat eyes are the perfect antidote to the sun.

I always bring a notepad and pen with me. While I love the notes on my iPhone, sometimes I’ll find myself with time to spare and intentions to set. I love writing with a pen on paper; it has a romantic sensibility and activates some cosmic business.

Is OLAPLEX in your bag too? Tag OLAPLEX on Instagram #OLAPLEX and show us!

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