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Virgo Season Hair
September 02, 2021

Virgo Season Hair

With the ranks of Beyonce, Keanu Reeves, Nicole Richie, and Zendaya, Virgo, you are the high-functioning multitasker of the zodiac. You’re a perfectionist, and ‘no’ is never an answer for you. With your precision and dedication, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Did we mention Beyonce? As arduously as you work, Virgo, you’re an Earth sign deeply connected to wellness and routine. As focused on a healthy inside as you are a healthy outside, routine is where you thrive.

If we’re on the subject of healthy, there’s no better wellness routine for your hair than an OLAPLEX one. OLAPLEX rebuilds hair from the inside out, giving you healthier hair every time. As a perfectionist, we know you’ll want to go the extra mile, so here’s a perfect hair wellness routine for you:

Hair washing and co-washing:

Whether you wash once a week or daily, use OLAPLEX Nº.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and OLAPLEX Nº.5 Bond Maintenance conditioner as the ultimate professional hair washing duo with OLAPLEX’s patented bond-building formula integrated. Co-washing with OLAPLEX Nº.5 leaves the hair healthy and moisturized in between shampoos for our curly or coarse-haired Virgos!


Nº.6 Bond Smoother and Nº.7 Bonding Oil are a team. Together they do all the work for you after application. No need to wash out! You can cocktail them together or apply Nº.6 on damp hair for reduced frizz for up to 72 hours, bond-building, and moisture. Nº.7 is the only oil of its kind to rebuild hair while protecting against heat up to 450ºF, adding shine and moisture. Style as you usually would after applying the two.


You love to make the most of your time, so it’s no doubt the two at-home OLAPLEX treatments will be your multi-tasking companions. OLAPLEX Nº.0 Bond Intensive Treatment paired with OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector creates the most potent hair repair available at home. Inspired by salons, and formulated for at-home use, get your hair on point with this squad.

The Intensive At Home Treatment repairs hair in the strongest manner available for at-home use. It’s important to note although it makes your hair extremely healthy, it doesn’t address moisture. Moisture is a separate concern and the reason we created the Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask. Nº.8 rebuilds the bonds in the hair while adding intense moisture, body, and shine.

Virgos are all about a polished look, so it’s no surprise sleek lobs and perfect curls are at the epicenter of their looks. For color, Virgos like to keep the spectrum on the natural side, eschewing vibrant fashion colors and leaning into solid tones and subtle highlights for naturally sun-kissed locks.

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