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Free shipping & sample with every order

June 25, 2021

Tracey Cunningham’s Flawless Celebrity Formulas

It seems OLAPLEX Ambassador and celebrity colorist, Tracey Cunningham has been quite busy setting the bar for hair goals around the globe. Some of her most recent colors are giving us particular hair envy, as seen on the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Lily Aldridge. Lucky for us, Tracey has shared her formulas, giving salon goers all over a chance to replicate some of Tracey’s gorgeous tones!

Jennifer Lopez

Redken Flashlift with OLAPLEX No.1 and Shades EQ at roots only 7nb+8gg for 5 minutes to achieve a more golden hue. No gloss all over this time around. 


Tracey says Fergie is so blonde naturally that she typically adds lowlights 07n+07nb+07P zone 1 & 2 08n+09nb zone 3 & 4 with Shades EQ. Highlights Redken Flashlift + 10 volume + 1/8 oz OLAPLEX No.1. Root with Shades EQ hairline 09n+09nb,  base 07nb + 07n+ 07p for 20 minutes. 

Nicole Richie 

Redken Flashlift lightener 10 volume (0nly 10 volume because curly hair is more fragile than straight hair) with 1/8oz OLAPLEX No.1 in foils. Balayage ends with Flashlift + 20 vol + 1/4 oz OLAPLEX No.1. Once light enough rinse, condition, rinse, apply OLAPLEX No.1, because Tracey says, “I always find a way to make time for a treatment!”, then towel dry. “When I say ROOT after highlights, it’s to give it a little shadow so highlights don’t look like stripes.” says Tracey. Leave root on for 5 minutes. Shades EQ 09nb+09n hairline only,  07nb+07n+07p base. You can leave on up to 20 minutes if your client wants more of a root. When you rinse lift up the ends. Shampoo, then condition.

Lily Aldridge

Highlights Redken Flashlift + 30 vol + 1/4 oz OLAPLEX No.1. Freehand lightener for balayage. Rinse, shampoo, condition, then root with 6n+6nb, hairline 7n+7nb Shades EQ zone 2 9n+9nb for 20 min. No all over gloss- if you lift it to the right level there’s no need to gloss! Be sure to get OLAPLEX No.7 for shine! 

Kiernan Shipka

All about Kiernan’s bronde! Redken Shades EQ lowlight zone 1 & 2 07nb/20+07n/20+6gg/20, zone 3 & 4 07nb10+08n/10+08gg/10 and in between foil Tracey applied Shades EQ 07nb/10+07n/20+07p/20 and on the ends 09nb+09g for 20 mins rinse. OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment for 20 minutes. Then shampoo and condition. 

Halle Berry

Redken Flashlift + 30 volume + 1/4oz OLAPLEX No.1 in foils foils, Freehand Lightener + 40 vol + 1/8 oz OLAPLEX No.1 for balayage. Rinse, condition, towel dry, and apply OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment (OLAPLEX No.1 + Water for 5 minutes, then OLAPLEX No.2 on top all over.) Rinse, towel dry. Root 09nb+08n hairline 06nb+06n base zone 1, on zone 2 and 3 09n+09nb leave on 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition. 

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