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The Skinification of Hair
March 11, 2022

The Skinification of Hair

In 2021, The NPD Group reported haircare sales went up 47%, with an additional estimated 15% rise to come in 2022. This is an even greater rise than skincare saw. The numbers don’t lie, meanings we’ve officially entered the age of haircare. Once an overlooked part of many people’s self-care routines, haircare is now the star of the show, emerging from a global pandemic. 2022 is all about the ‘skinification’ of hair!

There’s a reason why there’s so much overlap in skincare and haircare ingredients. Did you know your skin and hair are made of the same protein? What’s good for your skin is often as beneficial to your hair! So what similarities exactly do our hair and skin bear? While they look nothing alike, internally they are built out of the same keratin protein. The skin comprises two structures, the epidermis and the dermis (where the hair follicles surround). When hair produces, keratin cells push out through the surface, becoming dead cells. In fact, the skin and hair you see are all dead keratin cells!

While we our hair is always growing, and we can exfoliate our skin, how we treat it on the inside keeps it looking alive and healthy. OLAPLEX is patented to rebuild broken disulfide bonds, meaning it rebuilds broken hair back together again internally. Many ingredients in our line are ones also used in skincare, like aloe leaf juice, hemp, jojoba, fermented green tea, meadow foam, squalene, grape seed oil and more.

In this day and age, consumers are extremely educated on the purchases they make. In fact, hair and skin are so personal, it isn’t unusual to spend an afternoon or evening deep diving into ingredient lists. It’s no longer enough to just deliver haircare. When we revolutionized the hair industry with our patented bond building chemistry, we created a shift in the approach to hair. Hair could now be rebuilt from damage, healthier than ever.

As people notice the results of a prime skincare routine, they’ve started to ask more questions about what they’re putting on their hair. They’re shifting from drugstore to professional, because they wouldn’t put just anything on their hair just as they wouldn’t on their skin. OLAPLEX is a patented technology that works to bring hair back to it’s virgin-like state with each treatment. Imagine your skin goign through a break out, later to be healed with treatments. After those results, you’d want to ensure you’re taking the best care of it right? The same goes for hair.

With years in a pandemic where everything from the neck up was the way we saw each other on Zoom and FaceTime, the prioritization of haircare has never been bigger. Why use anything else other than products that will rebuild your hair while giving other benefits like our Nº.6 and Nº.7? At OLAPLEX, we see the value in offering the best, because that’s what your hair deserves. Skincare for haircare is the way of the future.

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