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Free shipping & sample with every order

Free shipping & sample with every order

April 29, 2021
beauty junkie


Bust out your pencils––we’re going grade school magazine quiz, hair edition. I remember as a teenager, these quizzes felt like the highest reflection of my character. What kind of friend was I? How big of a fan was I of my favorite band? Only the quiz knew. Now it’s my turn to give back to the community with my very own quiz: What Kind Of OLAPLEX Junkie Are You? I already know you’re brimming with excitement, and chances are, if you’re here, you’re OLAPLEX obsessed, but let’s have some fun!

Keep a tally of how many of each letter you selected to make adding up at the end easy! 


Do you read the ingredients on your products?

A. No, I like to try new things and buy whatever catches my eye. 

B. I don’t care what’s in the product, I purchase by word of mouth.

C. Are you kidding? I can tell you OLAPLEX’s active ingredient at the drop of a hat. 

What are you likely to do while your OLAPLEX treatment is processing?

A. I set the alarm and wait.

B. I go run some errands. I’m a multi-tasker!

B. I give myself a facial, a DIY manicure, light a candle and catch up on my reading of the OLAPLEX blog! 

Do you have the entire OLAPLEX line up on your shelf?

A. I have Nº.3 at home, and I love it. 

B. I have Nº.0 and Nº.3 for an Intensive Bond Building Treatment and Nº.7 as a heat protectant!

C. Nº.0, Nº.3, Nº.4, Nº.5, Nº.6, Nº.7, Nº.8–– I have them all on subscription on I never miss a beat with my OLAPLEX!

How often do you treat your hair with OLAPLEX?

A. Once a month.

B. Whenever it looks like my hair needs it, maybe once every other week. 

C. Every week, sometimes more if I have time. I like to alternate my Nº.8 and Nº.3 treatments!

What services do you ask your stylist to use OLAPLEX in at the salon?

A. I do whatever they ask, my hairs pretty healthy, so I don’t always need OLAPLEX. 

B. Definitely in color services!

C. I ask for OLAPLEX in every single service! Blow drys, color, Stand Alone Treatments™.

What is OLAPLEX’s newest product?

A. OLAPLEX has a new product?

B. Nº.0 Intense Bond Building Treatment

C. OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask

What does OLAPLEX do to the hair?

A. It’s a conditioning treatment. 

B. It strengthens it.

C. It’s a bond multiplier! It rebuilds bonds to make them healthier than before by re-linking them back together to create healthy bonds. Some of the products even rebuild hair and moisturize simultaneously!

Tally everything up!


If you answered 4 or more A’s, you’re an OLAPLEX Newbie. 


This is exciting; you’re just starting your OLAPLEX journey! Keep your eyes on our Instagram @olaplex and blog to learn more about your new favorite treatment and ways you can incorporate OLAPLEX into your routine to make your hair healthier than ever! 


If you answered 4 or more B’s, you’re an OLAPLEX Lover.

You love giving yourself OLAPLEX treatments and have a few products at home from the product lineup! You know enough about the product to get your hair into shape. Give your shelf an upgrade and add the entire lineup to your routine for killer healthy hair!


If you answered 5 or more C’s, you’re an OLAPLEX Junkie.

You’re OLAPLEX obsessed, and it shows! You have the entire lineup at home, and you understand what the product does and is all about. You do your research and are always up to date on OLAPLEX’s social media!

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