The Official OLAPLEX Podcast: Beauty Uncovered
April 19, 2021
beauty uncovered

The Official OLAPLEX Podcast: Beauty Uncovered

Haircare and podcasts are two champions of lockdown––from OLAPLEX treatments to listening at home. We’re delighted to announce we’ve mixed both worlds! We’re proud to introduce the official OLAPLEX podcast: Beauty Uncovered. Each week we interview world-class beauty experts to give listeners practical tips on how they can look and feel their best. 


We launched our first episode with celebrity stylist and OLAPLEX Ambassador Justin Anderson, on ‘How Feeling Your Best Produces Confidence.’ Our inaugural episode covers confidence, 2020 as the year of self-care, beauty in everything, and how natural hair color never goes out of style. Justin’s A-list clientele includes Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, Miley Cyrus, and Kristin Cavallari. He is also on E’s Very Cavallari TV show and is the co-founder of the hair product line, DP Hue. This episode will reel you in, covering everything from celebrity clients to Justin’s coveted hair recommendations and tips. 


“People are craving realness more than ever right now. They want to see themselves in a photo. They want to feel like they connect.” says Anderson. “Everyone talks about ‘How do you make your skin beautiful?’, ‘How do you make your hair beautiful?’, and beautiful is a different version for all of us. I think that anyone, no matter what people look like, when they feel like their best, I like seeing the confidence that comes out of them.” This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to feel their best from the inside out. 


Our goal is to expand our commitment to free education, promote wellbeing, and inspire our audiences wherever they are. We are here to serve you. Beauty Uncovered is an uplifting community for the modern self-care aficionado and beauty lover. Listen to more episodes featuring OLAPLEX Ambassador and celebrity colorist Guy Tang, platinum blonde expert Sarai Spencer, actress Johana Brady and more!


You can listen to Beauty Uncovered here on, Apple and Spotify.

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