The Difference Between Nº.5 and Nº.8
April 30, 2021
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The Difference Between Nº.5 and Nº.8

Do you know the difference between a conditioner and a moisture mask? What about a conditioner and moisture mask that repairs hair? OLAPLEX Nº.5 and Nº.8 both moisturize and repair hair, but they are two completely different products. When you commit to a hair care routine, you learn the nuances of proper maintenance and treatments. Just like skincare has its daily serums and moisturizers, then it’s face masks for each concern; so does your hair. We all know how important moisturizing is for skin; now it’s time to read up on moisture’s importance in your haircare routine. 

Nº.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner is a conditioner that is formulated with OLAPLEX’s patented formula to rebuild hair. It provides a surge of moisture, detangles, repairs, and leaves the hair soft and prepped for styling. Conditioning your hair increases manageability, which leads to less breakage when styling and wearing. Though Nº.5 moisturizes, it is not a moisture mask or conditioning treatment. Nº.5 is formulated for in-shower conditioning use, unlike its sibling Nº.8, which is a complete bond-building moisture mask experience. 

So what’s in a mask? Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask has a concentrated formula infused with OLAPLEX’s patented chemistry to moisturize, smooth, add body and shine while repairing. This new treatment provides intense moisture to damaged hair by absorbing deeply without weighing the hair down. Where Nº.5 conditions, Nº.8 treats the hair with highly concentrated moisture and bond-building. Consider Nº.8, the moisture mask you use on your skin weekly, but for your hair. Although a daily moisturizer maintains supple skin, a mask addresses those moments your skin craves extra concentration. 

A balanced hair routine maintains and treats as health and moisture with daily and weekly treatments. It is never a matter of one or the other with conditioner and a mask. Both are essential to the integrity of the hair. For healthy hair, treat with Nº.8 once weekly (or more if you have color-treated or coarse hair). Apply to damp hair and leave in ten minutes. Rinse, then apply your styling and maintenance products, like Nº.6 Bond Smoother Leave-In Styling Treatment and Nº.7 Bonding Oil. In between your other washes throughout the week, use OLAPLEX Nº.5 to condition after shampooing. 

When hair is moisturized and healthy, it provides a stronger foundation to protect against breakage and damage. That’s something every head of hair can benefit from. To build your moisture routine, head over to and tag #ola8 to share your Nº.8 progress! 

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