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Summer Doll Hair Styles
January 04, 2024

Summer Doll Hair Styles

If this Summer had a hairstyle, we would categorize it under doll hair. It’s all about your hair looking as pristine as possible, in fashionable ponytails, braids, and buns. You guessed it, they’re all heat free styles to give our hair a break between sun damage! Luckily, you can achieve glamorous summer updos and repair your hair with OLAPLEX while still looking flawless! Styling products like OLAPLEX Nº·9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum, OLAPLEX Nº·6 Bond Smoother, and OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil help you achieve your best hair day ever, one look at a time.

While each style has its own unique takes, we love how versatile a healthy look can be! These are some of our favorite looks and how we incorporate bond building into them:

Dolled Up Pony

We love a sleek elevated high pony tail that keeps you looking cute, while tending to all your hair needs. Begin with OLAPLEX Nº·9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum for the ideal slip when styling, plus environmental and heat protection for the hair. For a leave-in styling treatment that leaves the hair healthy and moisturized, add in OLAPLEX Nº·6 Bond Smoother. A pro tip is to cocktail Nº·6 together with some OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil for intense shine, extra bond repairing, and heat protection up to 450ºF.


A braid can go hundreds of ways, making it an iconic summer style that keeps on giving! The best part about them, is they’re the perfect way to style in a hair treatment, or spruce up after a day in the water. Use OLAPLEX Nº·9 to protect the hair from environmental damage and pollutants, it will simultaneously repair broken bonds in the hair and give it the slip it needs for braids. To add extra hydration and shine, use OLAPLEX Nº·6 Bond Smoother and OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil. We love how Nº·6 smooths the hair while keeping your natural texture intact!


From messy buns, high buns, top knots, and sleek buns — there are so many variations of the bun to choose from. It starts at low maintenance with the messy bun, to more detailed iterations like the ballet bun or braided buns. No matter which you wear, they all can use the help of OLAPLEX to make the hair look and feel its best. You may get the drill by now, but Nº·9 is like your face serum, apply before your moisturizer (in this case the moisture comes from Nº·6)! With Nº·9, apply to the serum prior to the moisturizing leave-in treatment Nº·6 and luxuriously shiny OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil. Hot tip for the messy buns: touch up your shine by lightly scrunching in OLAPLEX Nº·7 Bonding Oil to touch up throughout the day and repair the hair even more.

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