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Spring Clean Your Hair Routine
March 22, 2021
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Spring Clean Your Hair Routine

Haircare should feel simple. Considering you’ve gone through New Year trials and tribulations of testing new products, it’s time to move towards simplicity with a little spring cleaning. Toss the products that didn’t work for you and keep the real ones close. If you’ve taken any of our suggestions this year, OLAPLEX is on your shelf and there to stay. 


Spring is a time to flourish and bloom, and it’s to no surprise you may have a fresh look in mind. Whether it’s a new haircut, color, or texture, OLAPLEX is there to mitigate the damage while making your hair healthier than before. You can use OLAPLEX in every single salon service, so mention it to your stylist! As your hair flips into spring, keep healthy hair care in mind. This means solidifying your hair routine and keeping OLAPLEX front and center for the healthier hair possible.


So you’re on top of it, you treat your hair regularly with OLAPLEX, and your fierce look is thriving, then that awful moment we’ve all experience comes — you run out of your favorite product! Like we mentioned before, haircare should feel simple, with no fuss or worries. That’s why we launched OLAPLEX Subscriptions. Subscriptions are available for your favorite OLAPLEX products, so you never experience days to weeks without a treatment while waiting for your OLAPLEX to arrive in the mail. 


The benefit of auto-replenishing your stock isn’t just about keeping your shelf full. A subscription ensures you never miss a beat on your healthy hair routine. Consistency is critical when maintaining and repairing hair, as hair experiences damage daily from the environment, mechanical styling, and thermal styling. When you pause your routine, the damage done to your hair is permanent until OLAPLEX can repair and re-link the bonds in your hair again. 


Not sure where to start? Our award-winning primer, OLAPLEX Nº.0, and award-winning global best-seller OLAPLEX Nº.3 are the ultimate in at-home intensive repair and an ideal place to begin. Use this treatment should once weekly for healthy hair or more for compromised hair. Apply OLAPLEX as often as you’d like, so treat your hair whenever it needs extra love! 


Another important factor in a healthy hair routine is moisture; while Nº.0 and Nº.3 rebuild bonds, they do not moisturize, something any head of healthy hair needs. Finish your treatment by conditioning with OLAPLEX Nº.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner in the shower. When styling, apply OLAPLEX Nº.6 Bond Smoother Leave-In Styling Treatment to keep the hair moisturized throughout the day while it rebuilds bonds, reduces frizz for up to 72 hours, and creates a more manageable head of hair. 


Visit to keep your healthy hair routine on point by subscribing to your favorite OLAPLEX products!

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