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November 13, 2020

Seamless Platinum Blonde Maintenance

Platinum blonde is a timeless look that has us spotting icy manes year round, and we’re not complaining! But what does it take to get to level 10? Apart from joining the ranks of Marilyn and Gwen, going platinum requires a real commitment to maintenance.

Whether you’re a natural brunette, red, or blonde– keeping platinum hair fresh from month to month requires regular root and toner touch ups. We needed to get the scoop on how to maintain platinum hair year round, and to do so, we went to one of our favorite blonde masters!

Jessica Gonzalez, a colorist at Benjamin Salon in LA, makes platinum look easy. Her Instagram, @jesstheebesttcolor, is the place to go for edgy-chic fashion colors and blonde transformations. Jessica broke down seamless platinum maintenance with us, sharing her favorite techniques and tips that we know you’ll love.

Formula & Process

Section in threes: Left, right, and back. Apply each section individually, timing each at about 50 minutes to process. To avoid overlapping and banding, use cotton to separate each section. Rinse.

To remove any unwanted tones or build up (purple shampoo in this case) mix Redken Flashlift + 20 volume + Olaplex No. 1 + a few drops of purple shampoo (Jess uses Davines). The shampoo makes it easier to work through the hair for a quick and easy application. Apply mid to ends for about 5 minutes. Rinse. This process also helps brighten blonde color that has gone dull or flat in between salon visits.

After the bleach cap, mix ½ oz of Olaplex No. 1 with water in a bowl then pour over the head, let sit for 5 minutes. Root gloss, using Dialight 10.12 with a splash of 9n. Tone all over with Dialight ½ clear, ¼ 10.22, ¼ 9B. Finish with Olaplex No. 2 all over for 10 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition, and style.

Use a stiff brush for cleaner application and mix new bleach for each section (back, left, right).

Using cotton in between each section helps prevent overlapping, a huge factor that leads to banding.


Once application is complete, trap in the heat with a plastic bag to promote even lifting.


Adding shampoo into a bleach cap makes it easier to distribute product throughout the hair as it creates a smoother consistency while cutting some of the bleach’s strength.

Checking the elasticity of the hair every few minutes helps to ensure there is no over-processing, which is crucial to pre-lightened hair.


To even out tones and prevent hot roots, add a neutral into the root formulation.

Bleach and tones need some extra loving, apply Olaplex No. 2 while roots are processing as a mini-treatment as well as after the final toning stage.

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