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Free shipping & sample with every order

November 18, 2020
4th of july

Red, White, and Hue: How to Extend the Spark of your Vivids

Listen up America, we’ve got some celebrating to do (and your hair is playing a major part in it). The 4th of July is dawning upon us with endless possibilities. What better way to show your pride than with red, white, and blue on the healthiest hair in the game? From pastels to bold and beautiful, with all styles in between– give the crowd more than fireworks to talk about. Show stopping hair is how we do holidays– we’re talking direct dyes and gorgeous vivid tones! Vivids are one of those services that require a lot of TLC. It’s always a shame to see color fading in a week, so to protect your investment, we want to help you with tips for ultimate color longevity!

Did you know OLAPLEX can be used in direct dyes? That’s right! The use of OLAPLEX in direct dyes helps color stay on the hair longer, meaning you get more wear with less fading! We’ve seen so many amazing results when colorists add OLAPLEX No.2 to dilute their direct dyes. Not only does this help hair color last longer, it does so by giving color a strong canvas to latch onto creating more vibrant, beautiful shades. Furthermore, when lightening the hair prior to direct dye color application, always ask for OLAPLEX. Adding OLAPLEX to lightener will mitigate the damage chemicals do to the hair. (Imagine chemicals as the bad guy, and OLAPLEX as the good guy knocking them out one by one.) Not only will your colorist keep the integrity of your hair in tact, they’ll also protect their own hard work. Healthier hair applies to everything you could possibly do to your hair, from vivids, styling, to more chemical services. The stronger the hair, the better services will take to it and the more gorgeous results will be! 

With OLAPLEX’s now extended line of patented bond multipliers– you can keep your hair healthy no matter what your lifestyle holds. No time for an OLAPLEX No.3 treatment? Pop some No.6 Bond Smoother on your hair when styling. Not styling? Shampoo and condition with No.4 and No.5 Shampoo and Conditioner. One way or another, we’re keeping that gorgeous color of yours in tact and decreasing the fading process. We understand color services can cost hundreds of dollars at the salon and our mission is not only to save you money by protecting that investment, but to get the most out of that investment by protecting your hair.

Torn on how to show your red, white, and blues this week? Here are some looks we absolutely love created with OLAPLEX:

Color by Joleen Thicklin

Color by Nicole Cristina @nicoletacristina⠀⠀

Color by Jessica Powers @jessicapowerspaints 

Color by Hilary Allman @hilaryish

Color by Paco Latorre Mateos @pacolatorre  

Color by Valerie Supcza @supvalerie

Color by Yajaira Trujillo @vividandbalayaged

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