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November 19, 2020
50s hair

Pro Tips for Slicked Back Hair

Elvis, Ponyboy, and Mad Men are the gold standard for slicked-back hair. In one immortal style, lies varying degrees of cool from the Godfather to Danny Zuko. (All valid.) These fellas continue to be relevant in pop culture’s hall of hair fame, and today, their secrets must be revealed. We called upon one of our own personal hair idols, LA’s Ramirez Tran Salon celebrity stylist, Raphael Silerio, to point us in the right direction. 
Start with clean, healthy hair. 
This may not seem like a step, but it’s illusive fit into this guide is exactly why you’re here. You want your hair to be clean, without any product buildup from previous days in order to get the ideal slick, from the shine to the texture and uniformity. We recommend OLAPLEX No.4 for an all-in-one, low-maintenance shampoo that does exactly what it claims to do; cleanse, hydrate, and make the hair healthier.
Hydrate the hair.
Rely not on pomade to for blinding, greaser hair, instead, hydrate your hair by conditioning, so the products you then use accent the shine your hair is already producing. We recommend OLAPLEX No.5 for the utmost hydration, shine, and more bond building technology to further repair your hair. “Hydrated hair helps create an easy soft feel, making the styling process that much easier.” explains Raphael. 
Work on damp hair.
In order for products to glide on and distribute evenly, gently towel dry the hair after showering. You want the hair toweled enough so that it’s not dripping, but still wet enough to dampen a paper towel if it were to touch on your hair. 
Prep the hair.
Before using the styling hold product of your liking, prep the hair with a dime sized amount of OLAPLEX No.6 Bond Smoother to eliminate potential frizz and flyways from the hair. “The No.6 will provide control and a sleek finish.” says Silerio. Nothing kills slicked back hair like flyaway, and with OLAPLEX not only will you ensure the integrity of the hair is being addressed, you’ll also protect your hair from a make or break situation like loose ends and hair peeking out. Begin to work the product into the hair with a wide-tooth comb, working with your natural part and comb back. Pro tip: As done when detangling, start from the ends working your way up as to not cause any damage to the hair via styling mechanically.
Find the right product. 
Regardless of which product you choose, you’re going to want one that provides ample hold and shine. The specific product and brand will come down to trial and error varying from different hair types and textures.
Work the product in.
Use your hands to work the product through your combed back hair. Once the product is evenly distributed, use the wide-toothed comb to set your slicked back style in place. For extra shine and hold, you may also use hairspray, though we find this step is optional as the No.6 prep helps to tame any flyaways the hairspray would normally serve to reduce. 
Purchase OLAPLEX here to get started. 

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