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Prepping Wigs for Halloween
October 29, 2021

Prepping Wigs for Halloween

Spooky season is upon us, which means costumes are coming together for Halloween weekend. When it comes to a look, every detail is key for a transformation, from hair to shoes. A 10/10 costume can go to 0 if the hair isn't right. Gone are the costume store wig days; elevated Halloween is all about quality pieces that add a touch of reality to even the most fairytale looks. Human hair wigs are incredibly realistic from the look to the feel; some of your favorite celebrities even wear them to switch up their look. 


Take your look from average to snatched by caring for that wig the way you would your hair. This protects your investment and gives it more life from all the styling and color you'll be doing to it. If you can't find the perfect wig, create the look with the help of your colorist to match your costume perfectly. With human hair wigs, anything is possible as you can use OLAPLEX on the wig to maintain it, protect it from damage during the color process, and treat it after. 


Whether your look is platinum, red, black, or a funky Harley Quinn fashion color, this mini-guide can set your wig up for success:


100% Human Hair Wigs


These wigs might cost a tad more than your average Halloween wig, but they can last years with proper care. You can color them, style them, and treat them just as you would your hair. Most Halloween store wigs are synthetic and cannot be styled with heat, limiting what you can do with them. A human hair wig offers versatility, with changes you can manipulate from costume to costume. One year you're Khaleesi, and the next, you're Morticia Addams, without purchasing another wig. OLAPLEX works amazing on 100% human hair extensions as well!




Whether you're coloring the wig or styling it with heat, consider the wig an extension of you. Treat it with tender love and care by giving it OLAPLEX treatments to repair it from damage and wear. You can repair the wig with an at-home OLAPLEX Nº.0 and Nº.3 treatment for intensive bond building as many times as you wish to keep it in top shape. 


Color Services


Ask your colorist to use OLAPLEX Nº.1 in the color formula and OLAPLEX Nº.2 after the color process. You wouldn't color your hair without OLAPLEX, would you? Your 100% human hair wig should be the same! With Nº.1 to mitigate damage and Nº.2 to repair the damage left behind, your wig will look flawless, just like you.

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