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Pairings: Better Together with N°.0-N°.7
February 09, 2021
hair repair

Pairings: Better Together with N°.0-N°.7

Valentine’s Day is the day of love for lucky couples and the day of cringe for many singles. This February 14th, rather than chocolates and valentines, I think more of what makes two a pair. What makes a couple a brilliant match, and how do specific pairs become iconic? I’m not talking about 90s Johnny Depp and Winona or even timeless movie romances like The Notebook. As a modern, independent woman, when I think of iconic couples, I think of the ones that get me from day to day looking and feeling my best. You know, my hair products.

I’m in a relationship with my OLAPLEX haircare routine, and I need to spread the love far and wide. Each product in the system stands alone; however, when matched together, they take my hair to the next level. That’s what #couplegoals should do; they shine alone but can achieve amazing things when paired together. As an homage to the icons I revere daily, here’s my match-made-in-heaven OLAPLEX routine: 

N°.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment & N°.3 Hair Perfector

N°.3 quickly became an icon all on its own, but it wasn’t until N°.0 launched last year that the treatment blew my mind all over again. The two together provide the most intense bond-building treatment available at home. Prime the hair first with N°.0, let it sit for ten minutes, then layer N°.3 directly on top for an additional minimum of ten minutes. Shampoo and condition out, then style, as you usually would. The two work together to rebuild bonds in the hair, making it notably stronger than before.

N°.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo & N°.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

These two idols have changed the way I wash my hair. What makes N°.4 and N°.5 such a great match is they each are technology-driven with OLAPLEX to rebuild broken bonds in the hair. No other shampoo and conditioner rebuild hair, period. No shampoo conditioner combination can cleanse and deeply hydrate while making the hair healthier! What’s not to love? They’re the perfect match and suitable for all hair types!

N°.6 Leave-In Styling Treatment & N°.7 Bonding Oil

The dream styling team is N°.6 and N°.7. These two have properties and benefits to elevate a style while working to repair the hair internally. When ‘cocktailed’ together, the two protect against heat up to 450° Fahrenheit, protect against UV rays, significantly reduce frizz for up to 72 hours, add shine, hydrate, provide hold, all while increasing manageability. What couple do you know that can do that? 

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