OLAPLEX Routines Are Customized For The Individual
April 13, 2021
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OLAPLEX Routines Are Customized For The Individual

OLAPLEX has come a long way in its at-home system since Nº.3 was the only take-home. With a range that now boasts two treatments, with seven bond-building and moisturizing at-home products, OLAPLEX lovers may wonder when to use each treatment. The entire line is customizable down to the integrity of the user’s hair. For starters, preventing breakage is better than curing it after the fact. You can maintain or achieve healthy, moisturized hair by building a routine that works for you!

When treating your hair with OLAPLEX, there are three products you need in your arsenal; OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector treatment to rebuild bonds, OLAPLEX Nº.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo to cleanse, build bonds, and moisturize, and the new OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for a moisture treatment. Develop your routine by first assessing your hair’s integrity, which will determine the frequency you need to treat it. For healthy hair, the following is a baseline guide to OLAPLEX hair treatments.

Rebuilding Bonds

OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector is the original take-home bond builder. Suggested use is weekly for healthy hair, which is any hair type from virgin hair to color-treated. Your hair will feel amazing after each treatment, and it’s essential to understand why your hair feels and looks better. What Nº.3 does is rebuild your hair, and in contrast to the myth, it doesn’t moisturize (many find it hard to believe due to how soft it leaves the hair). Nº.3 is your weekly strengthening treatment to rebuild the broken bonds in your hair (everyone has them, they occur daily)! For compromised hair, treating it more often will benefit it by rebuilding it multiple times a week. OLAPLEX is non-toxic and safe to use as often as needed! When you’re done treating your hair, remember to shampoo the treatment out with OLAPLEX Nº.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo.

Moisturizing Hair

Moisturizing is an entirely different need for the hair than bond building. Although dry hair can lead to damage, moisturizing hair will not rebuild bonds. Alternatively, building bonds alone won’t moisturize your hair, which is why it’s crucial to have a routine with both! The new OLAPLEX Nº.8 does both. It intensely treats the hair with a bond-building moisturizing formula, leaving the hair silky smooth and hydrated. For the diligent beauty junkie, once a week is best, applying after shampooing out the Nº.3 treatment. For healthy hair, you could alternate your Nº.3 and Nº.8 treatments weekly! Once a week, do a Nº.3 treatment, and the next, do a Nº.8 treatment. For super dry hair, we recommend doing a Nº.8 treatment twice a week!

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