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#OLAFLEX: It's About You! Your Journey and Your Commitment to Self-Care
February 15, 2021
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#OLAFLEX: It's About You! Your Journey and Your Commitment to Self-Care

We could talk about our products all day, but the real flex is about you. #OLAFLEX is about your journey to healthy hair through self-care and ritual. An #OLAFLEX is less about the time you spend putting on a treatment and more about the intention behind doing an act that contributes to your wellness. Just as OLAPLEX repairs from the inside out, small acts of self-care work to better the relationship you have with yourself and your health.


Self-care isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the very act of caring for yourself. Whether it’s making a juice in the morning, taking a break to walk outside, or putting an OLAPLEX treatment on, this is intentional time devoted to you. What are some benefits of self-care? Confidence, Self-esteem, self-worth, anxiety, and a stress reducer. These are benefits on top of OLAPLEX repairing your hair internally, making it healthy and more robust than before.


When someone first starts using OLAPLEX, we call it their OLAPLEX journey because that’s what healthy hair is. Whether you’re starting with a highly compromised mane or have low maintenance healthy hair already, there’s a self-care OLAPLEX routine for you. You can choose to make it as high or low maintenance as you like, and the great news is OLAPLEX is entirely customizable to your lifestyle.


The first place to start is right at home, making time for an Intensive At-Home Treatment with OLAPLEX N°.0 and N°.3 Hair Perfector. This treatment takes twenty minutes total, but that’s just the minimum. We find the treatment yields even more significant benefits when left on longer, where OLAPLEX’s customizable features come into play! Double time your self-care with a treatment while you get your fitness on, meditate, or take a bath. When you’re ready, rinse out the treatment with OLAPLEX N°.4 and N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner.


To add to this routine, or for something extremely low maintenance, turn to the OLAPLEX styling line, N°.6 Leave-In Styling Treatment, and N°.7 Bonding Oil. A ‘cocktail’ of the two creates more manageable hair, reduced frizz for up to 72 hours, hydration, UV protection, and a protectant against heat up to 450º Fahrenheit. Every product in the OLAPLEX line rebuilds bonds in the hair, making whichever ritual you commit to a healthy one.


Caring for your wellbeing is something to flex about, but being able to do so with healthy, resilient hair is something we call an #OLAFLEX.

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