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NYE Beauty Affirmations
December 31, 2021

NYE Beauty Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a way to control the narrative of your psyche by reducing negative thinking patterns. For the last six months of 2021, I practiced writing down affirmations every morning. In addition, I downloaded an app with guided meditations to jumpstart my mood first thing. What follows is a high-reward ritual that brings me peace, joy, and self-love that takes no more than five minutes.

There's a kind of magic that happens when I write something down (for myself and countless others who write affirmations). It's a way of self-accountability and letting the universe know "this is important to me." Although many believe the universe takes it from there (and this may be true), I mention self-accountability because of the way affirmations have worked for me. I've written very specific things down the past six months, and almost everything I've written has come into fruition.

Many of them are personal development and work-related, which wouldn't have come true had I not held myself accountable for the affirmations I aimed to manifest. From becoming debt-free to being on television, my wishes were granted through conversations on pen and paper with the universe. Now, one grievance with affirmations and manifesting I have is the thought that you will receive anything you write down, like a million-dollar check in the mail. In my case, affirmations work more as a driving force to present opportunities to help me reach a set goal.  If the affirmation is for more success, perhaps the following week, I'll get an email for a paid gig. For someone else, it could come as a pay raise. Eventually, the affirmations become realized through a series of events.  

Self-love has been a huge effort for me the past year and is almost always included in my daily rituals in some form. As we walk into a new year, I'd like to share some of my hair and beauty affirmations that helped me feel my best. These were written down next to more specific affirmations about my life that all came together to culminate a more balanced me.

I am confident

I love my hair

My beauty radiates positive energy

My curls are defined and soft

I am comfortable in my own skin

I love to exercise and eat healthy

I look and feel amazing

The more I love myself, the more beautiful I become

I am having a great hair day

My hair is healthy and strong

I am worthy

I am proud of my accomplishments

I get more beautiful and confident every day

I am grateful for my life, my hair, my beauty, and my mind

I am loved

I am powerful

I am in charge of how I feel today

My self-esteem is unbreakable

I am a radiant, positive, loving light

I am enough

My hair and beauty routine is a dedication to maintain and preserve the natural gifts I've been blessed with

I am a goddess

My positive energy inside translates into beauty outside

Feel free to add your specific affirmations and manifestations into the mix. Daily practice feels fantastic and creates a sustainable practice to bring into the new year. Rather than resolutions that come and go, consider affirming and manifesting what you want to bring into your life. They don't have to be just beauty-related, you can affirm "I am beautiful" right above a line that says, "I will pay off my car next year."

Affirming is a way to self-motivate, self-love, and nurture a relationship with positive thinking. One resolution I can affirm is to do more of that in 2022!

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