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National Technology  Day
January 06, 2022

National Technology Day

At OLAPLEX, we like to do things radically differently. Revolutionizing the hair industry by inventing a technology that rebuilds hair internally is how we did it. Today, as we recognize how technological innovations have changed the world on National Technology Day, we revisit how OLAPLEX did so with a single chemistry.

If you’re new here, this is a brief introduction to how we changed the hair game almost eight years ago. OLAPLEX is the original patented, proven and potent molecular technology that repairs and Strengthens hair. It does so by re-linking broken bonds back together again to create healthy ones. This process is permanent until the bonds break again, whether by thermal, chemical, mechanical, or environmental damage.

When we say we revolutionized the industry, this means for the first time in history; hairdressers could bring their clients’ hair back to health. For any chemical service, this meant OLAPLEX was mitigating the inevitable damage from lightener and color. Hairdressers and clients at home rebuilt incredibly compromised into healthy hair one treatment at a time with OLAPLEX technology. This is how OLAPLEX changed everything in hair, from color and texture services to integrity and styling.

OLAPLEX’s bis-amino compound is the original patented molecule that can repair, at the molecular level, the disulfide bonds in the hair structure.  It was specifically designed to target and repair disulfide bonds in the hair. It doesn’t add any protein to hair; it just reforms disulfide.

OLAPLEX believes it is the only true bond builder in the market. Our technology, processes, and formulations are protected by patent registrations and applications in the US and abroad.

The following list of OLAPLEX products may not be all inclusive, and other OLAPLEX products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

Nº.1: Bond Multiplier For use under US Patent No. 9,095,518

Nº.2: Bond Perfector; and No. 3: Hair Perfector For use under US Patent Nos. 9,095,518

Additional patents may be pending in the US and elsewhere.

This means, because of OLAPLEX’s bond-building invention and registered patent, no other product on the market can rebuild broken bonds in the hair without infringing on our patent. Since our invention, we’ve infused our products with OLAPLEX to reinvent the game like never before with shampoo and conditioner, hair oil, leave-ins, and moisture masks.
This goes beyond color and styling. Many, for the first time, are embracing their natural hair texture after years of thermal and chemical styling because they can bring their curls back to life again. This isn’t just about hair, it’s about identity and confidence, something many of us can thank OLAPLEX for giving back to us through its technology!

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