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Free shipping & sample with every order

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021
March 13, 2023

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

A month-long reason to celebrate Hispanic Heritage? We don’t need a reason, but we love a month-long holiday to celebrate some of the hardest working people in America! We observe national Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. The holiday first began in 1968 and marks the Independence days of many countries in Latin America. This month, we celebrate the culture, history, and contributions made by Hispanic Americans!

The Latinx community plays a considerable role internally at OLAPLEX and the community we foster with our Español resources and programming! We aim to expand multi-cultural educational resources and are inspired by what we’ve created at OLAPLEX in the Spanish language.

OLAPLEX en Español Facebook Group

With over 109,000 members, OLAPLEX en Español is a private Facebook group for salon professionals. The intention of this group mirrors the original OLAPLEX Users group on Facebook, a group to support, troubleshoot, share, and ask questions related to OLAPLEX. We have Spanish-speaking educators standing by to answer questions that come through the group!

OLAPLEX en Español Instagram

Our OLAPLEX en Español has a community of nearly 60,000 sharing educational resources, before and afters, and the work of the community with OLAPLEX. With captions and help in Spanish, we’re keeping the community inspired and informed!


Our growing YouTube channel has content in both English and Spanish to offer our community visuals and tools for healthy hair and education!

A part of our ethos is embracing the gorgeous hair we were born with. For many in the Latinx community, that means embracing their natural texture. We live in a society where we’re told what is beautiful, which historically has left out naturally textured hair. If there’s anything the recent years have taught us, we control our beauty standards’ narrative. At OLAPLEX, we promote having the healthiest hair possible to enhance all that is naturally you!

Our roots make us unique, informing the nuances that encompass our authenticity. We are so grateful to the Latinx community for their contributions to hair as salon owners, tastemakers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and behind the chair. Hair is weaved within every culture––and Latinx cultures show no exception to how they inspire us. Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!

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