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November 18, 2020

Larisa Love’s Self-Made Techniques

This post was brought to you by Kitty, Larisa Love’s dog, and the Larisa Love Salon’s unofficial mascot/queen. 

One of the attributes we constantly notice in a successful hairdresser is the willingness to test, fail, succeed, and start over again. How will you know what works best for you until you study yourself, your clientele and your pace in order to deliver the best salon experience for you and your clients? The truth is, most of us don’t know– so the route to success means trial and error!

If there’s anything we’ve learned from spending a day with Larisa Love, it’s the lesson of being the best version of yourself and only yourself. It’s perfectly fine to take inspiration here and there, so long as you’re taking bits and pieces that work for you in order to turn them into something unique. For Larisa, this means making her salon experience and that of her clients, tailor-made.

She developed techniques that allowed her to work smarter. If you haven’t seen her Instagram videos yet, follow her at @larisadoll– they’re the kind of mesmerizing hair videos you can’t help but replay. Needless to say, we were thrilled to spend the day with Larisa at her new salon, the Larisa Love Salon, to see just how she does it all! Love not only shared her self-made techniques, she also told us some of her favorite tips and pieces of advice.

Larisa explained to us how she developed her two latest techniques, Hairagami and the Balayage Sandwich: “When I was booked out, I needed to develop techniques that would give me the same look, but get me there much faster. So I developed the crescent moon shaped slice section, instead of foiling the hair in two sections, to save me time. You can also see my sections are thicker too– that gives me beautiful brightness at the end result. I call what I do a ‘Balayage Sandwich’ because it’s three techniques in one: the lowlight on the bottom, the highlight, then the color melt. That will give my client all the dimension and depth– but it’s just doing all three techniques at one time.”

She added, “I will say, it’s all about trial and error. I didn’t develop this technique overnight. It took time and now I’ve perfected it to the point where my clients are even surprised when I’m already done with the whole process. I think it’s important to work fast because the products are processing the moment you put them on. I also reformulate as I work my way up the head, increasing the developer slightly.”

Larisa also shared with us 3 of her favorite tips (one may surprise you):

“We use Olaplex in everything. Absolutely love it– even in my intensities. It gives me a smoother effect so I can saturate the hair even better.

I also think posture is key when doing hair. You want to be preventative– sitting down and having good posture is very important. If you want to be a hairdresser for years, you need to start now! I do hair sitting on a chair with correct posture to help save my back and shoulders. I think it’s very important to train yourself to sit now while doing hair, so it becomes natural later on.

I love my Extra Wide Framar Base Brush as well to help me get more coverage in less strokes– they make the best brushes.”

Larisa Love is a hair artist, salon owner, and a Brand Ambassador for Cosmoprof. You can find her work on Instagram @larisadoll and well as her salon @larisalovesalon.

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