Introducing our new Clarifying Shampoo, OLAPLEX Nº.4C!
July 21, 2022

Introducing our new Clarifying Shampoo, OLAPLEX Nº.4C!

You may have heard there’s a new OLAPLEX product in town. Introducing, OLAPLEX Nº.4C Bond Maintenance™ Clarifying Shampoo! Clean hair is a science and Nº.4C is an advanced clarifying shampoo to clear the way for healthier hair by removing all classes of damaging impurities without stripping the hair! Nº.4C does it all while rebuilding the bonds in your hair, making it healthier than before with Bond Maintenance patented technology.


OLAPLEX differs from other clarifying shampoos on the market because it removes heavy metals and pollution, in addition to oils, product buildup minerals, and chlorine. It does so while rebuilding broken bonds, something only OLAPLEX has been awarded a U.S. patent to do. So how does it work? Use OLAPLEX Nº.4C Bond Maintenance™ Clarifying Shampoo weekly for deep cleansing to remove impurities that weigh hair down and cause damage. Pro tip: Use Nº.4C to remove buildup before repairing broken bonds with the Nº.0 and Nº.3 Intensive Bond Building Treatment combination.


Purified hair looks and feels healthier and receives reparative treatments more effectively for an optimized healthy hair routine to repair, strengthen, and protect. Nº.4C is an advanced, broad-spectrum clarifying system that removes more than just hard water minerals, buildup, and oil. It pulls a wider array of impurities out of the hair, including heavy metals, chlorine, and pollutants. 


Most clarifying shampoos strip the hair, leaving it feeling straw-like, rough, and dry. Nº.4C is formulated with patented OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™ to maintain strong hair bonds as the clarifying system removes damaging impurities, leaving the hair touchable, soft, and never dry or straw-like.


You may notice after your usual cleansing your hair still looks frizzy, limp, dull, greasy, and just plain unmanageable. This is because you have build up, and build up occurs in multiple ways, including what’s in your water, the surrounding air, and hair products. If build up stays in the hair, it can lead to damage like split ends, breakage, and frizz. Nº.4C is the missing link to your OLAPLEX routine to aid and repair against the unavoidable elements that lead to buildup. It’s now available on and ready for its close-up in your next shelfie!

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