How Women are Creating an Empowering Diverse Industry For Themselves
April 24, 2021
female empowerment

How Women are Creating an Empowering Diverse Industry For Themselves

There’s no industry more diverse than the hair industry, an industry championed by women. With strength in numbers and the majority being women of color, hair professionals, creatives, and influencers create their opportunities. No other industry than beauty can say women dominate it, and although we advocate and hope to see that change in the future, we can’t help but notice women as forces to be reckoned with, carving out their path unapologetically.

Female entrepreneurs start and operate brands, they open salons, and use their influence to span across media platforms, giving more women a voice. Although men historically dominate beauty standards, modern women are crushing dated beauty standards and taking ownership over what makes them feel beautiful. When we create the changes we want to see in our industries, we control our narratives. For OLAPLEX, we aim to push the narrative to enhance women’s features by keeping their hair healthy foremost.

We delight in rituals that translate as self-care and self-love through acts of wellness that boost self-esteem and confidence. Community helps further contribute to the narrative that women forge their path, from the world of beauty to the world of business. With resilience, tenacity, and diversity, we can create a reality where women are at the forefront of their dreams.

This community works to accelerate the women’s movement with their livelihoods, from salon owners, inventors, creatives, and more. 80% of the hair industry are women; over half of those women are minorities. In an industry full of color, we celebrate and encourage the differences that make each of us unique. If you’re a woman looking to make a name for herself in beauty, now is your time. We 100% support you and your dreams and know your contribution is valuable. There’s no idea too small or big for you to execute.


When we see each other as allies, we grow stronger as a whole to make this world a better place for all women!

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