How We're Giving Back One Dollar At A Time
March 30, 2022

How We're Giving Back One Dollar At A Time

At OLAPLEX, we’ve seen the positive impact social media can have on the world, and we’re always searching for ways to use social tools for the greater good. We think of the impact social media had on OLAPLEX in the very beginning, as the word was spread globally that a small start up from Santa Barbara was changing people’s lives by making their hair healthier again. Our impact doesn’t stop there, we’re proud to announce the launch of Shopping Gives on, where you can donate $1 of your purchase to support a cause of your choice. This means $1 of the OLAPLEX purchase you’re already making can benefit a cause to help others!

For Women’s History Month, we launched Shopping Gives to benefit women and girls. At OLAPLEX we believe in crushing through the glass ceiling, with no limit to what women and girls can achieve, not even the sky. As a company with a woman of color CEO, and women occupying key roles in the company, it is important to push a narrative that furthers women into positions of power. So when launching Shopping Gives, we started with causes that propel women into accessing their power, from providing them with resources, to teaching them to code.

Among the organizations is Women for Women International, a cause that works at the critical intersection of women to provide conflict providing skills and resources that create sustainable change for women, their families and communities. Another cause near to us is She’s The First, an organization that fights for a world where every girl chooses her own future. They team up with local organizations around the world to ensure girls are educated, respected, and heard. Find out which other organizations your purchase can benefit in your cart!

Our favorite part is Shopping Gives enables customers to choose the organizations with money they’re already spending. We are extremely proud to see millions of applications of OLAPLEX worldwide, with over two million Instagram followers, and that’s just a couple of hard facts. Imagine if 2 million Instagram followers bought OLAPLEX and $1 of their purchase went to an organization. That’s 2 million dollars towards causes! Never underestimate the power of your dollar and the impact it can make.

Create a massive impact, one shopping purchase at a time! Head over to to get your giving on while replenishing on your favorite bond building products.

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