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How To Support Your Pros This Holiday Season
November 21, 2022

How To Support Your Pros This Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming and we know the gift list for you, and yours is growing. No holiday season is complete without a visit to the salon to get holiday fresh and new year ready. We hope your loved ones and colleagues are lucky enough to have OLAPLEX as their gifts, for our gift guide, see our list here: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Chances are your hairdresser put you onto OLAPLEX, and after one service, you were hooked. This holiday season, show your hairdresser love and gratitude with the following ways you can support them all season long.


Book an appointment, stat!

Chances are your hairdresser is already getting booked for the holidays. While they often over extend to accommodate last-minute bookings, make the holiday easier by planning your November and December appointments early! Whether it’s styling for a holiday event, work party, or fresh color for the New Year––now is the time and don’t forget to ask for OLAPLEX every step of the way!


Buy OLAPLEX directly from your hairdresser

If OLAPLEX is on your gifting list, you’re the best! Another way to support your hairdresser is to buy our holiday kits and OLAPLEX products directly from them. You can purchase them at your next appointment and take care of everyone on your list, including supporting your stylist! You can ask them to pre-order for you, that way they make money off the sale on something you already planned to purchase!


Gift a salon service to a loved one

The ultimate gift is a salon visit, let’s be real! For the very special one in your life, gift them a future visit with your hairdresser. A haircut, style, color, or treatment with your favorite hairdresser not only is an epic gift for a loved one, but it also shows more support to your hairdresser by referring them more clients!


Tip and don’t be late

Your hairdresser is 100% working overtime to fit in all their clients in time for the holidays. It’s the busiest time of year for them, and most likely they’re not setting time aside to treat themselves. Don’t forget to tip generously this holiday season and be on time for your appointments. When you’re late, it pushes their entire day down, creating more work and stress for them.


Show your support on social media

The modern hairdresser’s work doesn’t end at the salon. Social media is vital to their field now and an entirely new set of work they do after hours. Show them some love by engaging with their posts and sharing their work on your stories so they can reach new clients!

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