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How To Get Healthy Hair with What You Eat
January 16, 2021
aloe vera

How To Get Healthy Hair with What You Eat

Healthy hair begins from the inside out, from an OLAPLEX treatment to what you put inside your body. As we stride into the new year, we’d like to chat more about glowing from the inside. OLAPLEX is the only patented product of its kind to rebuild broken disulfide bonds. The products work internally to rebuild hair, visibly resulting in strong, shiny, healthy hair. The same intention can apply to the foods you consume to keep your hair healthy. 

Wellness is a journey for everyone and unique to each person’s needs. However, there are some universal foods we’d like to highlight that may help you glow even brighter! Rather than diets that fade away, consider beneficial foods that will create a healthier body and healthy hair long term!


Probiotics are a huge one for hair and skin. For your skin, probiotics help with radiance and glow; for hair, probiotics aid in shine, hair growth, and overall nourishment. Yogurt or a probiotic supplement like coconut kefir are great places to start! 

Dark Leafy Greens

Greens like spinach and kale contain plenty of vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C. Working them into your diet boasts many benefits, but for your hair specifically, these vitamins work together to create healthy hair and scalp. They specifically help battle brittle hair, working to keep the hair moisturized, so it doesn’t break off. 


Another fighter in breakage. Guava packs vitamin C, which protects hair from breakage. Another substantial source of vitamin C is citrus, so help yourself! 


A diet rich in iron is fabulous to aid in battling hair loss. Iron-rich foods include dark leafy greens, beans, tofu, broccoli, squash, and legumes, to name a few. 

Sweet Potatoes and Carrots

This may or may not be an excuse to eat sweet potato fries, but did you know sweet potatoes help add shine to hair? So do carrots! Their beta carotene helps promote hair growth and a healthy scalp as well!  

Rosemary, Peppermint, and Cinnamon

These two herbs aid in hair growth as they stimulate blood flow. Make a tea out of them, or use the rosemary on some roasted potatoes! 

Whole Grains 

Whole grains are rich in biotin, zinc, iron, and vitamin B. Consuming whole grains like oatmeal, quinoa, and brown rice aid in hair growth while promoting thick, healthy hair.

Aloe Vera

This miracle plant has many uses. In hair specifically, it helps with PH balance and preventing hair loss. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are critical players in hair loss prevention! 


While these foods are wholesome and healthy, always consult with your dietician or doctor before making any big adjustments to your diet. A healthy diet paired with a stellar OLAPLEX routine at home will keep you glowing from the inside out. 

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