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Girl's Night In! Self-Care On Galentine's Day
February 12, 2021
healthy hair

Girl's Night In! Self-Care On Galentine's Day

Because Valentine’s Day is all about you (let’s be real), what could be better than a self-care night with all your best gals? This Galentine’s, we’re taking what we’ve learned from a self-care year at home and spreading the love to our inner circle. As lockdowns and stay at home orders worldwide start and stop (and all over again), we propose a safe night in OLAPLEX-ing with your closest gals — digitally, of course. 

Whether it’s a day at the hair salon or spa, there’s something about the ritual of decompressing with your ladies—a safe space of calm, healing, and self-care. Since the world looks a little different this Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a game plan for the ultimate Girl’s Night In to ensure the night is all about healthy hair and everything in between.

The line up: OLAPLEX N°.1 Intensive At-Home Treatment and OLAPLEX N°.3 Hair Perfector

Tools:Comb or brush, hair clip, or hair ties.

The Girls: Your phone or computer with your gals logged on Zoom or Facetime! 

Vibe check:Turn on your favorite Spotify playlist (queue the early 2000s, Britney and Destiny’s Child).

Dampen the hair with OLAPLEX N°.0. Comb through to saturate the N°0 throughout the head thoroughly. Leave the treatment on for ten minutes. Once the ten minutes have passed, apply OLAPLEX N°.3 throughout the entire head. Comb through again to ensure N°.3 fully saturates all over. The minimum time to leave N°.3 on is an additional ten minutes, but it’s Galentine’s Day, and your hair needs all the love it can get. 

People who leave the OLAPLEX Intensive At-Home Treatment on longer see even more outstanding results. Once you’ve all applied the treatment, here are some of our favorite activities for a self-care Galentine’s Girl’s Night In:

Digital Cupcake decorating contest. 

Read passages aloud from a self-care book and discuss your thoughts. 

Write intentions for the coming month full of goals, things you want to manifest or let go of, and share. Hold each other accountable with this motivating exercise! 

Zoom painting session! Channel your creative side by painting portraits of each other to the best of your abilities. There may be a Matisse in some of you after all!

Go off on all things beauty. Pop on a sheet mask while you treat the hair, followed by an eye mask to get the most out of your treatment experience. Bonus? An Epsom salt foot bath to help you relax!

Take a break from your gals on the screen to remove the treatment. We highly recommend doing so with OLAPLEX N°.4 and OLAPLEX N°.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner. The combination of the two further rebuilds bonds in the hair while moisturizing and creating manageability. 

Once complete, you can all teach each other your favorite styling tricks! We love OLAPLEX N°.6 Leave-In Styling Treatment and OLAPLEX N°.7 Bonding Oil ‘cocktailed’ together for the ultimate fuss-free style to reduce frizz for up to 72 hours, protect from UV rays, hydrate, and protect from heat up to 450º Fahrenheit. 

No matter what you do, remember self-care and self-love is the best gift you can give yourself always. This Galentine’s Day, spread the love of OLAPLEX with your girls and bond together!






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