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Free shipping & sample with every order

Free shipping & sample with every order

Celebrating Earth This Month!
April 21, 2022

Celebrating Earth This Month!

Over the last 50 years, our 4.543 billion year old Earth has seen a detrimental decline because of human activity. Humans make up 0.01% of all life, and in our short time on Earth as modern humans, we’ve destroyed 83% of wild mammals, 47% of natural ecosystems, and have caused the 25% of plants and animal extinction. Every year, the USA, alone, raises 9 billion animals, which causes 66% of all greenhouse emissions. At OLAPLEX, we want to be a part of statistics that change the world for the better.

The impact companies have on the planet is greater than the average individual and can either be used to create good or harm. Nature has been giving us signs since the 1970s that it can no longer support us at this rate, and that’s why drastic change and awareness is needed.

We are doing our part by eliminating most secondary packaging from our line. This is why you don’t see most of our products in boxes, unless absolutely necessary for labeling and instruction purposes! Each product without a box prevents .04 lb of greenhouse gas emissions from being emitted into the environment and .7 gallons of water! We also preserve 8,239 acres of US land from being deforested, saving 44,000 trees a year from being cut down every year. These are our numbers now, and each year we aim to exceed them.

We’re excited to support organizations that exist to fill gaps in efforts to help our environment. For purchases you make on, we donate $1 to an organization of your choosing. Our featured causes for the month of April include WaterAid America, Water For People,, Charity: Water, and One Tree Planted. These organizations provide tap and toilets, clean drinking water and sanitation services, and planting trees to restore forests!

We are also proud to partner with Retold Recycling. Retold Recycling has diverted 18 tons of textiles from landfills. They make recycling simple by sending you a prepaid postage bag to insert all your unneeded textiles. With their partners, they sort through your goods and send them to thrift stores, donation centers, recyclers, resellers, and up-cyclers. Not one textile makes it into a landfill!

At OLAPLEX, we believe prevention is better than a cure. Through our partnerships and limiting secondary packaging for most of our products, we’re raising awareness and reducing our carbon footprint by creating as little harm as possible. Earth Day is everyday.

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