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72 Hour Frizz Challenge with OLAPLEX N°.6
January 28, 2021
72 hour challenge

72 Hour Frizz Challenge with OLAPLEX N°.6

Reduced frizz for up to 72 hours? Yes, please! OLAPLEX N°.6 Leave-In Styling Treatment helps manage frizz for up to three days, and I’m putting it to the test. Admittedly, I’m already a N°.6 lover. N°.6 keeps my hair hydrated, shiny, strong, and controls how frizzy it gets. As a curly gal, I want my hair to appear healthy all day long with minimal effort. Frizz isn’t just about pesky flyaways; it decreases the hair’s manageability and can lead to breakage. No, thank you!

So how does it work? Apply N°.6 to clean damp hair. For fine hair, start with a pea-sized bit. For curly hair like mine, my preference is to go to town with N°.6. Here’s how much I use:

I apply a generous quantity! Sometimes I even use a bit more depending on the season. My hair soaks up the N°.6 Leave-in Styling Treatment, and the more I use, the softer my curls are!

I took this photo during the first twenty-four hours, about an hour after applying N°.6 in the shower. I apply N°.6 when my hair is quite damp right after showering, and then I use some OLAPLEX N°.7 for shine and UV ray protection. Day one is my favorite hair day; my curls look defined, my hair feels soft, and frizz is a non-issue!

Forty-eight hours in, and I’m living for my second-day hair! It may give day one a run for its money. I shot this photo right after I got out of bed, before breakfast, with zero touch-ups. It’s a rock-and-roll bedhead look, and I love it. I have a finicky relationship with my second-day hair. Sometimes it’s my best look, and other times it looks like week two hair. I noted the style kept definition better, and the frizz stayed at bay despite my wild tossing at night!

The last day, another morning bedhead moment to show you what I’m working with. Seventy-two hours and my curls are still intact, soft, and with minimal frizz. I had to wear my hair up in a bun the day before. Despite that, my hair is still thriving with much less frizz than I’d often experience after three days with zero touch-ups! I repeat: Three days without touching up my hair, messy buns, and bedhead, and this is what my frizz looks like with N°.6? Sold!

What made me fall in love with N°.6 is that my fussy curls appear presentable with minimal effort in the morning. You know, for all the stay-at-home days we’ve been having. I didn’t touch it up ever; however, for a boost of shine each day, you could add some N°.7 to the hair to boost bond-building, brilliance, and more hydration!

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