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November 19, 2020
healthy hair

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair Healthier During the Week

4 Things You Can Do To Make Your Hair Healthier During the Week
Olaplex No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6 
Integrate the at-home OLAPLEX 3-4-5-6 system into your wash and styling routine. This is the quickest way to jumpstart your hair back to health. Begin with a reparative, strengthening, bond rebuilding treatment by using OLAPLEX No.3. Keep it on clean damp hair for a minimum of 10 minutes (the longer the better) and let it work it’s magic. OLAPLEX is a revolutionary technology that repairs broken hair with notable results after each and every session. This isn’t a conditioning treatment or a moisturizing treatment, if you want to improve the elasticity of the hair or hydrate brittle strands. 
OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 are the shampoo and conditioner duo both containing OLAPLEX’s patented, active ingredient that rebuilds hair. No.4 and No.5 also include deeply hydrating, strengthening ingredients like Fermented Green Tea and Avocado oil to create lasting shine and moisture to the hair. 
If you style your hair with product, air dry, or have curly hair– use OLAPLEX No.6 to speed up blow dry time, lock in the style, and keeps the hair frizz-free for up to 72 hours while rebuilding the hair. OLAPLEX makes it very accessible and customizable to the user’s lifestyle so healthy hair is always within reach. 
Satin Pillow & Satin Hairties 
A super low maintenance, helpful way to avoid damage is two switch up your pillowcases and hair ties! Think about your morning bed head, as grunge cool as it may look, all those hairs are a result of the friction between your hair and pillowcase all night. Cotton and other fibers can be bought o your delicate mane. An easy, affordable solution would be to replace your the pillow cases you sleep on with satin ones for a softer surface that is easier on the hair. This rule also goes for hair ties, brands like Slip make elastic ties wrapped in satin for soft, gentle styling. 
Shower Filter
This next tip is one that took step one and two to the next level for me. I’ve seen an improvement in my hair and skin from using a shower head filter. Olaplex Ambassadors Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri recommend using a shower filter to conserve color and prevent hard water from stripping the hair. My hair feels lighter, cleaner, and softer after using their Raindrops shower filter for over a month now and my color lasts longer too! Most water is full of chemicals, toxins and other contaminants that lead to hard water that is not only harsh on your hair, but also your skin.  
Healthy lifestyle
Often times, we tend to remedy concerns from the outside, rather than inward. This next tip is one that I couldn’t have healthy hair (and a healthy mind) without! Now, before I go in, it’s always important to consult your physician before adding any new supplements to your routine– so keep that in mind! I’ve found some natural remedies have improved the health of my hair and skin dramatically. Flax seed oil is one of my favorites for shiny hair and clear skin. I add a tablespoon to my smoothies or just swallow a spoonful as is. Flax is full of Omega 3 Fatty acids and easy to add into your diet or sprinkle onto salads. You may have read about biotin, when it comes to hair growth. I take a plant based collagen boosting supplement that contains biotin– it covers both hair and skin concerns (which are closely linked) and helps me get a nutrient boost daily. Overall, a healthy, plant-forward diet plus 2 liters of water a day to stay hydrated is going to help you shine from the inside out!

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