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Free shipping & sample with every order

Social Media Day 2022
June 30, 2022

Social Media Day 2022

It’s Social Media Day! While this may be a new-ish holiday, it’s one we celebrate with pride, because we wouldn’t be there today if it weren’t for hairdressers and clients spreading OLAPLEX love on social media. On June 30th we celebrate social media and the way it revolutionized our relationships and communication. The way we engage with the world grows more everyday through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter — we’re so lucky to have built community with our followers throughout the years!


Our Instagram started with 0 followers. Now, 8 years later, it has a following of 2.3 million people. What started with our founder engaging with every single stylist, colorist, and client that tagged @olaplex or used the #olaplex hashtag has grown into a community that inspires, educates, and uplifts. We’re constantly implementing new ideas and features that add value to your experience on our social media. Our Instagram is a place for you to be the first to know about product launches and updates, tips and tricks, and hair inspiration. We also have @olaplexenespanol for our Spanish speaking OLAPLEX lovers on Instagram and @olaplexfrance for our French OLAPLEX family!


We hit a colossal milestone on Instagram, reaching over 13.7 million hashtags on #olaplex which we created 8 years ago! We really have seen over 13.7 million photos and videos of amazing work with OLAPLEX on the hashtag and are so incredibly grateful for such a loyal community. Our TikTok account has reached an incredible milestone as well, hitting over 1 billion hashtags views for #olaplex! For us, it isn’t a numbers game. We quantify these billions of hashtags views and millions of followers across platforms as people whose lives we can impact through healthy hair.


On TikTok, we love engaging through our OLAPLEX TikTok Hotline, answering your questions, and teaching you how to use each one of our products correctly with all the pro secrets we want you to know! Our videos can help anyone learn the ins and outs of our products in an accessible, fun way! With nearly 200,000 followers, we’re so excited to grow with you there, just like we did on Instagram!


Facebook is our education hub, where our amazing OLAPLEX page and OLAPLEX Users (OU) Group lives. OU is a community of 148,000 hair professionals and counting, where we share our knowledge, inspiration, and passion for OLAPLEX. Our educators aim to mentor all that seek product knowledge and any troubleshooting that is needed. We also have OU en Español for our extended Spanish speaking family — we hope one day to have more user groups in more languages to increase everyone’s knowledge of the product. Our goal in the groups is to build community among professionals worldwide while helping them transform their client’s lives with healthy hair. Don't worry, if you are not a professional, you can still visit our OLAPLEX page on Facebook that has over 1 million likes!


We’re grateful for our OLAPLEX community. Today is a day to celebrate the relationships we’ve made online. Without social media, we wouldn’t have met many of our now OLAPLEX Advocates! We discovered most of them while looking through our hashtag and tags religiously to find the best talent out there, so make sure you engage with us on social media with #olaplex! On behalf of Team OLAPLEX, thank you for being here and helping us grow — you are the reason.


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