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July 13, 2020


If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for the answer to HOW Olaplex can help bring you or your client’s curls back to life. Most likely, you or they, like myself, have gone through years of thermal styling and relaxing those beautiful curly wavy tresses into a smooth, sleek, straight mane. Now, years later your hair suffers from what I like to call “Texture Identity Crisis”… Is it curly, is it straight, is it wavy?! I DON’T KNOW. My hair falls into the identity crisis category– it’s almost straight on the pieces that frame my face on the left side, while the right side face framing pieces are going straight but still hanging onto that wave for dear life… and wait, what about those pieces throughout my head that start off curly then go straight at the ends? Or those few and far between perfect ringlets I adore playing with at the back of my head? Look, this isn’t Mean Girls and my hair isn’t full of secrets– it’s pretty obvious it’s screaming out for help. Lucky for me and you, that help is called Olaplex and after this you will also be treating yourself all day everyday to this miracle treatment!

I’m so honored to have teamed up with a woman who has become a major hair crush and inspiration to me, Robin Sjoblom! She’s been a Curl Specialist since 2009, an Educator for Curly Hair Artistry ( and two time Advance Inspired Deva Curl Specialist. Not only that, she was named Top 15 Curly Hair Artist in the WORLD by Texture Media (Naturally Curly) in 2015. Her associate, Beth Johnson, who gave her a hand with the article below, trained under her for over 12 months and is also now a curly specialist.

Yeah… I’m not messing around here. This one is for all you curlies from healthy in need for a little more bounce to highly compromised screaming SOS.

Robin is going to take it from here and give us transitioning girls the run down on how and why Olaplex is not an option, but rather a necessity for all of her curly haired clients!

Over 65% of the population has curly hair. When I ask a curly person if they would wear their hair CURLY if I could teach them how to achieve consistently frizz-free curls, would they wear their hair curly? The answer is undoubtedly YES almost every time. Stylists still need to educate themselves how to successfully cut and style curly hair. Olaplex has just partnered with curls on this journey with the Stand Alone Treatment. Benefits of Olaplex? Shiny, bouncy curls that have more bounce, better clumping and are easier to style.

I am so thrilled that Olaplex can take my current damaged curly clients and help them to see a CURL FORMATION after just ONE visit! Usually it is a JOURNEY for this client to see “Progress” but with Olaplex, clients are seeing a CURL on what was a straight piece that same day. HUGE PROGRESS– Leaps & Bounds! Transitioning Coily/Kinky curlies no longer have to do the Big Chop and cut out ALL the damage. With Olaplex, bonds are repaired and curls are forming… without cutting all the curls off and starting over.

There is more than 1 type of curly hair, and often case, more than 1 curly type on a single curly head! We have discovered the Stand Alone treatment and various uses on different curl types results in amazing transformations when paired with a great curl by curl cut.


VIRGIN: Non-colored curly hair- fine/limp

S’WAVY (slightly wavy): Wavy curly hair. Curls with a slight s-bend in them. Easily mistaken for straight hair.

BOTTICELLI/CORKSCREW CURLS: Longer sausage like curls. Tends to frizz, can show breakage and lack of moisture easily.

COILY: African American & Multi-Textured super curly/kinky curls. Many are in transition (from pressing/relaxing etc) and are suffering with major straight pieces and breakage.

Which curl type are YOU? You most likely have more than JUST ONE of these on your head.

tumblr_inline_o0wgqxCE9W1sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0wgr4BGc31sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0wgx7TiYI1sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0wgylRR1u1sa69gz_500

CLIENT NO.1 Hair Type: Corkscrew mix.

She has MAJOR pressed ends suffering from Heat Damage. She came in as a pre-consult and we did the detox, Stand Alone Treatment using the No.1 for 20 min the No. 2 for 20 min. Best results EVER! Look at her front pieces!!! Major heat damage and chemical damage. We were able to exceed her expectations on her first visit WITHOUT cutting off all of her curls! Super exciting! Sent her home with Olaplex No. 3 as a mini-treatment and leave in. She is growing out nicely.

We offer a pre-consult for every curl client at Southern Curl. During this appointment, clients send current photos of their hair along with inspiration photos. If we determine that a client may benefit from a Stand Alone Treatment BEFORE their service, we will have them come in about a week before and we will do a thorough hair detox to remove all silicones and sulphates from the hair, and then apply the Olaplex No. 1 for 20 minutes and then the No. 2. It is at this point when we feel that best results are achieved if we send the client home from the salon with the No. 2 in their hair as the longer it is left on, the better the results. The recommended time of a 10-20 minutes for No. 2 is fine, but in some cases, the longer the better – even better to sleeping with it and cleanse/condition it out later on or the next day and style as usual. We have achieved amazing results by doing the Stand Alone Treatment this way.

We have also successfully done the No.1 for 20 min and the No. 2 for 20 min at the salon as part of our Curly Hair Bootcamp/Curl by Curl or Foundation Cut. In this service, the client comes in, we do our curl by curl cut and then do the Olaplex treatment. Following this service, we do our curl boot camp where we teach our clients what to look for in ingredients as well as what to avoid. We then proceed with their styling service, teaching them step by step how to achieve their curly look at home. The client is sent home with a Curl-Scription that shows which products were used and in what amounts so the client can easily recreate the look at home. They are sent home with Olaplex No.3 to apply weekly.

We have also started to use the No.3 as a LEAVE IN following the cleanse and condition. How we do this: Apply a small amount of No. 3 and rake through the curls, then apply the cream or gel directly over the top to style. Result? 2-3 days of penetration and AMAZING bounce and grip to curls. Also, better 2nd and 3rd day curl results!

tumblr_inline_o0wh3dT66d1sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0wh3kmZ8f1sa69gz_500

CLIENT NO. 2Hair Type: S'wavy.

This Wavy girl needed a Stand Alone treatment to give her already healthy curls a BOOST! I did my curl by curl cut and then did the Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment applying the No.1 for 20 minutes and the No. 2 for 20 minutes. Following that, I cleansed with a sulfate free cleanser and then a silicone free conditioner. Results? Shiny, Clumpy, Bouncy curls!

tumblr_inline_o0whgrgFmH1sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0whh48s8P1sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0whhg5lR21sa69gz_500 tumblr_inline_o0whhythGF1sa69gz_500

CLIENT NO. 3 Hair Type: Corkscrew Mix.

Damage from Relaxers and Pressing. Major straight pieces even after curl by curl cut as she didn’t want to lose all her length. Look at the side pieces, they went from ZERO CURL to CURLY! In just one Stand Alone Treatment of applying the No. 1 for 20 minutes and the No. 2 for 20 minutes. Her Curl-Scription? Detoxed first, then Olaplex, then curly bootcamp lesson on which products to choose for their hair type.

CLIENT NO. 4 Hair Type: S’Wavy/Wavy.


She needed a curl by curl cut and a refreshing application of Olaplex. I used No. 1 for 20 minutes and sent her home to process with the No. 2 in her hair. She cleansed and conditioned after approx 5-6 hours. Results? Shiny, defined curls with a SNAP! No more limp boring curls. :)

You can follow the amazing Robin Sjoblom on Instagram @SouthernCurlATL, Twitter: @SouthernCurlATL. Southern Curl will be opening in West Midtown, Atlanta GA in the Summer of 2016. Visit to book an appointment or call 770-490-6485. For curly love letters and inquiries e-mail [email protected].

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