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Resilience, Recovery, Revival: #OlaFlex
January 02, 2021

Resilience, Recovery, Revival: #OlaFlex

We can all flex about the resilience that got us through 2020 and the recovery and revival that will push us through 2021. As experts on breakage, if there’s anything we’ve learned from last year (that felt good to say), it’s that from our hair to our souls, we cannot break. Collectively, society is bouncing back stronger than ever from the multiple times we felt knocked down last year, and you know what? This may be our best year yet! Last year taught us the power of self-care and self-love, and many of you brought us along on your journeys.


This year, it’s time to flex. We’re calling all OLAPLEX lovers to flex their healthy, resilient manes for the ultimate #OlaFlex. This means embracing their natural texture for many. Perhaps for others this means getting their hair healthy enough for that new year color change. Whatever your goals are, for all of us, it’s time to be unapologetically proud of our journey and show off our healthy mane. If you’re starting your OLAPLEX journey, welcome! You’ve taken a step towards fighting damage and recovering your hair. We want you to flex that hard.


How do you keep the health of your hair flexing? We do it with a solid, healthy hair OLAPLEX routine. Just like ourselves, our hair is only as healthy as we allow it to be, so putting in the work to make our hair healthier each time with OLAPLEX is self-care we’re proud of. Using the Intensive Bond Building Treatment with N°.0 and N°.3 weekly, we rebuild our hair as intensely as possible at home. For consistent results and healthier than ever hair, apply this treatment weekly.


N°.0 is a primer with a saturated patented formula that rebuilds bonds and primes the hair for N°.3. Apply N°.0 all over the hair until damp, then leave on for ten minutes. After ten minutes have passed, generously apply its pairing, N°.3 Hair Perfector, directly on top, combing through to ensure complete saturation. Leave the treatment on for an additional ten minutes. This is the minimum time to treat the hair; however, results are more remarkable with more time spent with the treatment. When you’re done, shampoo and condition out the treatment.


We recommend shampooing and conditioning with N°.4 and N°.5 for maximum bond building and moisturizing benefits. It’s important to note the Intensive Bond Building Treatment only rebuilds your hair and makes it healthier; it does not add moisture. Using N°.4 and N°.5 ensures repair continues, and they address moisture for the healthiest hair possible.


You are the ultimate #OlaFlex. Your healthy hair results keep us going! Tag us on social media at #OlaFlex so we can see your gorgeous hair and for a chance at a feature on our social media.

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