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Staff Picks-Meet Crystal Kim!
February 25, 2022

Staff Picks-Meet Crystal Kim!

Company culture is at the very heart of OLAPLEX. What started as a tiny team is now a growing family of dedicated powerhouse individuals who keep this ship running. Wouldn’t you love to know the tips and tricks our team uses with OLAPLEX? First up to bat is Crystal Kim, Vice President of eCommerce, and her staff picks!

Anything you see on, has gone through Crystal first. Our eCommerce is an essential tool and destination for all things OLAPLEX, from shopping, information, education, our blog, and more. Get to know Crystal!

Name: Crystal Kim

Hair type: Straight, color treated with slight damage

Astrological Sign: Aries 

Walk us through your hair routine: I’ve been coloring my hair for the last 7 years, so OLAPEX has been a part of my hair routine since then. I’ve been a die-hard fan of Nº.3, and now with the addition of Nº.0, I make sure to do a weekly treatment session. One of my fave time savers is to have Nº.3 in my hair as a bun when I workout. Nº.6 has also become another fave of mine for when I blow dry or style my hair using a curling iron. 

What does a day in the life of your job like: Every day is so different - eCommerce is like managing a 24/7 store, so we have to always be alert and on our toes. I love to work with every single department within the company (Marketing, Sales, Education, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, Technology) to make sure we’re providing the best online experience for all our customers. 

What’s your favorite part about working at OLAPLEX: I’ve never worked for a company with such an amazing culture. We all look out for the greater good of the brand and not just for ourselves or our own team. It helps of course that we have products that really work! 

What do you do on your days off?: Living in Southern California means I get to enjoy beautiful weather nearly year round. I love spending time outdoors going on hikes, heading to the beach and keeping up with a high energy puppy! 

What’s your top self-care secret?: Plenty of sleep. Nº.0+3+8 when I have the time for hair treatments. 

High maintenance or low maintenance rituals?

Low maintenance: To ensure I have a real end to my work day, I make sure to allow at least 45 min to an hour in the late afternoon to go to the park with my puppy, Ruthie. It’s important to step away from the desk and decompress. 

High maintenance: When I really have time for self care - I love also doing face masks, loading up on all the skincare serums (love all the acids!)

Tell us about your a-ha moment with OLAPLEX: When I first started to color my hair, my stylist recommended we apply the Stand Alone Treatment™ to make sure we repair the bonds (especially since we were doing so much to my virgin hair!) When I brought home the take-home version (Nº.3) I couldn’t believe it actually worked! My hair was visibly less damaged, and the color seemed to stay longer. 

What OLAPLEX product could you not live without? Nº.3! 

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