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Self Care Tips for Mental Health Awareness Month
May 10, 2022

Self Care Tips for Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Nearly one in five adults in America struggle with mental illness of some sort, making mental health way more common than most think. From anxiety and depression to other disorders, awareness is key. Something we love about the self-care revolution is how much it allows people to devote time for themselves. It’s less about the hair and beauty routine, as it is taking the time to be intentionally good to ourselves.


Maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself is one of the most vital components to mental health. In a society that promotes toxic productivity, self-care often feels selfish. We can only give the best version of ourselves to those around us if we put in the work to be our best selves. This month, we encourage you to prioritize self-care, whatever that looks like to you. So what exactly is self-care?


Self-care is maintaining the wellbeing of our mind, body, and soul. This means doing things for you that make you feel good! It can be anything from moving your body to popping on an OLAPLEX treatment.


Self-care looks different for everyone, so here are some of our staff's favorite ways to show themselves some love:


Exercising - either something to get the heart pumping or a gentle yoga flow. Getting the body moving is a great way to get endorphins that make you happy.


Cooking or baking - both can be extremely meditative, and there’s nothing like making something delicious from scratch! Make it super fun and source ingredients at the farmer’s market!


At-home spa day - set aside a treat-yourself day! This is something you can even do while performing other acts of self-care. Simply pop a treatment on with Nº.0 and Nº.3 or Nº.8 and let us take care of the bond building while you work on you.


Meditating and journaling - a mindful practice helps to ground us while bringing peace and clarity to our minds. Starting with as little as five minutes a day meditating, and five minutes journaling or writing affirmations can create a tremendous shift in mental health.


Nature - going on a hike, walk, or even laying on the grass is one of our favorite ways to unwind. Chances are on a stressful day all we want is to get outside and root ourselves, and nature, with all its diverse beauty, has the perfect setting to do so.


The most important thing about practicing self-care is to do it, whatever that looks like to you. No intention is too big or small and it’s never too late to prioritize your mental health.

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