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November 17, 2020

Lob Goals: A Guide to Healthy Long Bobs

What’s in a Lob? We’ll tell you. It’s the haircut that looks good on nearly anyone. The style shows no signs of stopping– not this Fall, not anytime. BUT regardless of status, what has the power to make or break any style? Unhealthy hair. No cut, color, or styling shines quite as bright than one displayed on a healthy strong mane.

You can imagine, when it came time for us to pop in on a lob haircut with Olaplex, we were pretty excited! Ash Bazarjian is a hairstylist at The Hive Salon in Los Angeles. His work stuns from flawless hair color transformations to effortlessly cool haircuts. Ash shared his process and tips for maintaining his client Julie’s rocker-chic lob:

Step 1: Start at the bowl. If the hair is clean, dampen, towel dry, and apply Olaplex No. 2. Comb through to evenly distribute the product. If the hair has buildup from product, oils, or minerals– give it a light shampoo, rinse, and towel dry. Lastly, apply Olaplex No. 2 and comb through thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

Step 2: This is the part that doesn’t change at all! Section the hair as you normally would to prepare for a cut, then work your magic!

“Since the client has fringe, I dried and trimmed the fringe first to ensure they lay correctly. Afterwards, I started to trim the perimeter/length (making sure I kept my corners). When you’re cutting length, make sure to take clean sections and use your comb to hold the hair instead of using your fingers. Keep elbows low, to maintain corners. After establishing the over all length, I took thin clean vertical sections at about 90 degrees at a concave angle to cut the longer soft layers.” says Ash.

“As you are cutting layers, cross check to make sure everything is balanced. After the layers are cut, it’s time to blow dry. After styling the hair, I went through and cut off the corners that were created by cutting the long layers. Getting rid of the corners will help the over look soft. One thing to remember about this haircut: the outline is cut with corners and the layers are soft without corners. Overall, you get a blunt appearance with soft movement and texture.” says Ash.

Step 3: Once the cut is complete, rinse and shampoo out the No. 2. It’s important to remember Olaplex is by no means a conditioning treatment or a leave in– so remember to condition after shampooing based on the hair’s needs (dryness, frizz, volume).

Ash Bazarjian is a hairstylist and colorist at The Hive Salon. You can follow his work on Instagram @ashdemode

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