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You Might Be Damaging Your Hair Like This
September 17, 2021

You Might Be Damaging Your Hair Like This

You may believe only flat irons and bleach damage your hair; and while they do, it’s often the little things that add up to extensive damage. Much like our health, it’s the small choices that affect the long term, and the same goes with your hair! Hair damage occurs with as little as hanging outside on a sunny day. Can you imagine all the other ways our hair experiences damage that we don’t think of?



Hair integrity is at the forefront of OLAPLEX. With our comprehensive at-home line, each product rebuilds hair and addresses other concerns like dryness, heat protection, toning, and more. Although we remedy all your breakage concerns, spreading awareness of how you might damage your hair is essential, as prevention is better than a cure.



So let’s get into the not-so-insignificant ways you might damage your hair:






No, sleeping doesn’t damage your hair, but your linens might! One of the easiest ways to mitigate mechanical damage is switching up your pillowcase fabric. Silky fabrics are less damaging on the hair while you toss and turn at night, leaving less room for uneasy tangles.



Hair Ties



Would you ever think putting your hair up with a basic elastic can break your hair? You may notice the return of scrunchies and new small silky scrunchies that replace the standard elastic bands we use. These aren’t mere trends; they are gentler ways to tie up your hair with less abrasive fabrics and harsh elastics. 



Suns Out



Have you heard of the phrase ‘suns out buns out’? We’re not suggesting you expose your derriere, but putting your hair up in a bun or under a hat will limit your hair’s exposure to environmental damage from the sun. Think about it; our body gets tanned after laying out, and we protect it with SPF; our hair is similar. There’s a reason your hair lightens in the summer because it’s fading from sun exposure, much like clothes and signage left out in retail windows too long fade. A hat helps protect both your face and your hair from too much exposure. If you want to go the extra mile, you can lie out with an OLAPLEX Nº.3 treatment and opt for a natural style to mitigate damage all together! 






Your flat iron and curling wand may go up to 500ºF, but there’s no reason your hair should suffer through that kind of damage. Although we prefer natural styling as it’s the gentlest on the hair, if you’re going to style thermally with a wand, iron, or blow dryer—keep it on a low setting and use heat protection. OLAPLEX Nº.7 Bonding Oil protects your hair from heat up to 450ºF while rebuilding bonds and is the ideal companion to any thermal styling you do. 


Photo credit: Vesna Gluhic Instagram: @salonsavi @viviscissors

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