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Why The Salon Consultation Is Vital to Your Transformation
December 05, 2022

Why The Salon Consultation Is Vital to Your Transformation

If you want the most out of your next salon appointment, make sure you follow these three guidelines. The aim of a consultation may be obvious; tell your hairdresser what you want, right? While that is the objective of a consultation, a few tips will help you and your hairdresser speak the same language regarding your service. Our simple guide to the ultimate consultation will bring you 3 steps closer to your dream hair!




Bringing in photos to your hairdresser is vital to getting the results you came in for. It’s not enough to say “chocolate brown,” because your idea of chocolate brown may differ completely from your hairdressers. To avoid a long face after the big reveal, communicate like a professional to get the transformation you desire. You might have an inspiration photo in mind, but you’ll find one isn’t nearly enough.


Most professional hairdressers prefer seeing 3-5 photos for your color or cut inspiration. This provides less room for error, and more room to find out what it is you like about the color or style. Seeing various photos of the same color, gives your hairdresser reinforcement for what it is you truly identify with.


What you don’t want


You’re telling your hair dresser exactly what you want with multiple photos, why would you need to tell them what you don’t want? A salon consultation has a theme, and that theme is communication. You’re investing in a service and your hairdresser is investing their time in you. No one wants to get it wrong, which is why the process of elimination works best here. You may want a ‘buttery blonde’ but you may not want some of the warmth it comes with. These queues tell your colorist what to avoid when formulating based on your preference of warm, cool, and neutral tones.


OLAPLEX Treatment


No matter what you get done, you must start the process with healthy hair. When OLAPLEX rebuilds the bonds in your hair, it’s creating strong healthy bonds which are ideal for any color transformation you desire. OLAPLEX lowers the porosity of your hair, helping your color last longer. It gives your hair the healthiest start possible for a chemical change. Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser to use OLAPLEX every step of the way for the color process!

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