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Heart Warming OLAPLEX Testimonials & Stories
December 22, 2020
healthy hair

Heart Warming OLAPLEX Testimonials & Stories

Throughout the years, OLAPLEX has grown from an invention in a Santa Barbara, CA garage to a household name across the globe. Since our inception, we've committed the company to hands-on customer service. Our dedicated team answers and responds to your messages one at a time. This personal touch is a driving force embedded in our company's ethos, where we're able to connect with each customer first hand. Often we receive messages and emails from customers who went out of their way to share how OLAPLEX changed their lives––this holiday season, we feel compelled to share the love with you.


Each message has a unique story and finds its way into company email threads, reminding us why we love what we do. We appreciate the time people take to let us know how OLAPLEX has affected them, from boosting their confidence to helping them love their hair again after chemotherapy. Each one hits home for us, and whether you're a fellow OLAPLEX lover, stylist, or budding entrepreneur, we hope these stories inspire you to bring your mission to fruition. 


Deborah J.:


"I just got my shipment of N°.3, N°.4, and N°.5 today. I have damaged hair due to the Methotrexate and Orencia injections that I take for my rheumatoid arthritis. I have so many shampoos and conditioners that I bought, hoping they would work…no such luck, until I tried your products today! It will take a few more times a week to get my hair to look and feel back to normal, but I am so happy with the results from just one treatment. Thank you for making such a great product that does what it says it will do."


Leah B.:

"I recently tried out the OLAPLEX N°.3 and N°.0 on my dry, damaged curls from bleaching it so much, and it literally changed my life. I haven't had curls like this for over four years."


Abby B.: 


"I just would like y'all to know that I LOVE this product. I have started using this the last few months, and it has absolutely made my hair turn from dry to soft and it restored the shine in it! I love my hair after I have started using this product and it smells fantastic! Y'all should never have complaints! This stuff is liquid gold to hair! Thank you, OLAPLEX for this product!"


The messages we receive of this nature come in daily and make us love what we do even more. OLAPLEX is based on the goal of making your hair healthier, thus creating wellness all around, from your confidence to the integrity of your hair. These real-life scenarios keep us motivated and grateful to be a brand that goes beyond the products. 


One more!


Brian M.:


"I just wanna say thank you guys for fixing my hair. I have never found a product that actually gave me results. I had went through a depression because my hair was so damaged you guys literally saved my hair thank you guys for your work and the discovery you have made <3"

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