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Happy National OLAPLEX Day!
July 13, 2020
healthy hair

Happy National OLAPLEX Day!

Happy first-ever National OLAPLEX Day! No, seriously, it's a thing. June 25th marks the inception of OLAPLEX and the celebration each year for the way it revolutionized the hair industry. Six years ago, Dr. Craig Hawker invented OLAPLEX in his garage in Santa Barbara after approached by OLAPLEX founder Dean Christal to invent the holy grail of hair, rebuilding bonds. Since that day, we've taken the hair industry, where even the concept of a bond builder was nonexistent, entirely by storm. We could not have done this without your support!

OLAPLEX is a patented ingredient that rebuilds broken disulfide bonds in the hair. The ingredient is called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It rebuilds broken disulfide bonds by relinking them back together. OLAPLEX's patent makes it the only product that rebuilds bonds in the hair. We take pride in changing the game and look back at the many ways OLAPLEX has continued to elevate the careers of hair professionals across the globe and of clientele.

The transformations:

Since inception, we've made it our mission to support the stylists and colorists out there who gave us their trust in trying OLAPLEX on themselves and their clients. We started this revolution by sharing their work on OLAPLEX Instagram, which we found via tags or their use of #olaplex. Colorists were performing transformations they never thought possible! From compromised color corrections to healthy platinum blondes, and healing years of thermal and chemical styling; OLAPLEX continues to help hair professionals push the envelope.

We've had the honor of keeping healthy hair on the heads of our favorite A-list celebrities, from changing their color for roles in film and TV to gracing the red carpet. We thank Hollywood and our amazing OLAPLEX Ambassadors Tracey Cunningham, Justin Anderson, Chad Kenyon, Bianca Hillier, and Guy Tang for trusting in us! We can't forget about all the musicians out there, rocking their healthy hair on tour, in music videos, and on their album covers.

We attribute the success of OLAPLEX to the trust the hair community has in us. With OLAPLEX, we've been confident since day one that we can change the game for you and your clients, and with your support, we continue to do just that. According to salon owner, April Garcia, of Studio B in Olympia, WA, her team's baseline up-charge for OLAPLEX in their client's services is 15%. With that up-charge, they've been able to see significant profit just from investing in a Salon Intro Kit. In addition to the profit of just one Salon Intro Kit, hair professionals who use OLAPLEX see a spike in new clientele by merely using the product.

Clients have been doing their homework, and they want healthy hair. Thousands of clients use the Salon Locator on to search for professional OLAPLEX Users in their area. The Salon Locator is a free, effortless tool we have for the ease of clients and to further aid the stylist in gaining new clients. Most of all, client retention peaks when they feel their needs are met above and beyond with healthy hair. It is our great honor to help hair professionals worldwide push the envelope to make the world OLAPLEX Strong!

OLAPLEX Day marks the innovative discovery of OLAPLEX that revolutionized the hair industry for the better and the community we have built because of it. We are so excited to celebrate with you all and share memories and moments from inside the OLAPLEX team on @olaplex social!

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