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Spring Marks A New Energetic Year, Here's What The Rebirth Means For Your Hair
March 13, 2023

Spring Marks A New Energetic Year, Here's What The Rebirth Means For Your Hair

As we shake off mandates and stride into the new normal, this Spring is all about the wild side of hair. Spring Equinox occurred this season at the Pisces Aries Cusp, where we experienced a new energetic year. This is a time of rebirth: confidence, determination, leadership, and emotional awareness. With hair, you can usually tell what someone is going through by how they change their hair. Since Spring is here, how will you rebirth your look?

Rebirth in hair doesn’t always have to be a color or cut transformation. Just like people, the real work starts on the inside. For hair, this means rebuilding your hair internally with OLAPLEX to get it as close as possible to its virgin-like state. When hair is healthy from the inside out, it is stronger, more resilient, and boosts your confidence. While strong, healthy hair stands alone, it’s also an ideal canvas for any color changes you crave this spring. Whether it’s a complete transformation, or some sun-kissed highlights, here’s how to prep your hair into healthy shape for all spring’s rebirth offers:

OLAPLEX Nº.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment + OLAPLEX Nº.3 Hair Perfector

Start with clean hair then dampen with Nº.0, spritzing all over your hair then combing through to ensure full saturation. Some thicker textures may prefer to slightly dampen their hair prior to Nº.0 in order to conserve product!

Wait ten minutes, then apply Nº.3 directly on top of the Nº.0. Comb through once more to ensure the utmost saturation of product to the hair. Wait ten minutes, then rinse and condition as you usually would. 

We also love following this intensive treatment with the OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask for a surge of hydration. Moisture and healthy hair go hand in hand, so if time allows, follow the next steps for soft, silky hair in ten minutes!

If applying after the intensive bond building treatment, rinse out then towel dry. Apply the Nº.8 to damp hair, combing through to saturate fully. Wait ten minutes, then rinse! Style your hair as you normally would and enjoy healthy, hydrated hair!

There’s nothing better than greeting a new season with a bright new start and there’s nothing fresher than healthy hair.

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