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Spring 2022 Hair Trends
April 27, 2022

Spring 2022 Hair Trends

If you’re anything like us, Spring is your opportunity to blossom and transform, starting from the inside out. Okay, so maybe we’re talking about our hair, but that’s what we do best, right? OLAPLEX treatments are the only way to rebuild your hair internally, bringing it as close as possible to its virgin-like state. This means you have the healthiest hair possible, with each treatment, for a brand spanking new spring look.


70s Shag

This spring we find ourselves again in the 1970s with every iteration of the shag haircut. There’s something so classic, effortless, and chic about this style. One moment you’re Mick Jagger, the next you’re channeling Debbie Harry. Out of all hair styles, the shag is one that doesn’t seem to ever go out of style, from rock and roll to bombshells of the past and present. Nothing goes better with this iconic style than a head of healthy hair.


90s Blondes

We’re in the 90s blonde bombshell renaissance where lighter is better is for this shade. Think voluminous bright baby blonde locks with wispy bangs and even brighter money pieces.


Elegant Brunettes

You know an elegant brunette when you see one. Rich, shiny, healthy brunette color is the direction for Spring 2022. Think deep browns and blacks that shine so much they have their own reflection.


Copper Reds

For redheads, it’s all about that coppery red. Think heavy metal copper to strawberry tones that glisten and compliment a myriad of skin tones beautifully.


Face Frame Balayage

This season is all about the money piece that pops. From gorgeous natural balayage face frames to super contrasted chunky 90s highlights.


The Bob Pixie

While both pixies and bobs are also in, there’s a style right in between both cuts having a major moment. The ‘Bixie’ is not quite the length of a bob or short enough to be a pixie. It’s the best of both worlds!

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