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Skincare For Haircare
March 11, 2022

Skincare For Haircare

The shift to high quality professional hair products over drugstore has led the skincare for haircare revolution. Hair lovers are seeing the value of skincare ingredients infused into their hair products, raising the bar across the board for haircare. The skinification of hair has revamped the hair movement, and OLAPLEX is front and center leading the way to healthier hair, one treatment at a time.

No longer is perusing the drugstore aisle an option for the savvy and modern hair aficionado. Ingredients and labels are everything, making a sophisticated line up of skincare ingredients the ones to look out for. So, how did skincare for haircare begin? Why has haircare gained such momentum in the past couple of years? Just like how we put healthy foods into our body to operate, the results of high quality ingredients in hair products show on the hair.

At OLAPLEX, integrity comes at the forefront of any product we put out. From the integrity of the hair, to that of our ingredients. Every OLAPLEX product rebuilds broken hair from the inside out, creating healthier hair as close to its virgin-like state as possible. We aim to set the bar as high as it can go, using our patented formula as a base for all of our products, with the addition of skincare ingredients like fermented Green Tea Extract, aloe leaf juice, hemp sativa, jojoba, meadow foam, squalene, grapeseed oil, and more.

Although the haircare market is saturated with products promising to do the same thing. For OLAPLEX, our products work right away to create healthy, touchable hair. The benefits we receive on our skin from using high-quality ingredients are radiance, clarity, moisture, and strength. Often these ingredients are also natural to boot! The OLAPLEX line always starts by repairing hair, with some products adding benefits like moisture, toning, anti-frizz, heat protection, and more.

In an age where routines are the new everything, haircare has stepped into the spotlight for a good hair day. Ingredients are no longer an afterthought, they are the product of informed buyers who want the best for their manes. After years of FaceTime and Zoom meetings, everyone is seeing their hair take up 90% of their screen, meaning their manes have to look on point at all times! Skincare for haircare is not a trend, it solves hair problems, and with OLAPLEX, its a means of achieving hair goals across the board.

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