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Platinum Blonde Maintenance 101
December 22, 2020

Platinum Blonde Maintenance 101

What kind of commitment does platinum hair require? If you're platinum blonde or considering a transformation to this wintery white, knowing how to maintain your blonde is imperative. Many common side effects of this mega hair transformation include dryness, breakage, and brassiness. 


Going atomic blonde is a bold move; knowing the maintenance to ensure it stays in fabulous shape is imperative.


Platinum Blonde Maintenance 101


Weekly OLAPLEX treatments with N°.0 and N°.3


After stripping the hair entirely of pigment and opening the cuticle, platinum hair is more susceptible to damage than ever. A routine to rebuild the broken bonds in the hair is vital to the integrity of any head of platinum hair. Begin by dampening clean, dry hair with OLAPLEX N°.0 and saturating through. Let the treatment sit for 10 minutes, then apply N°.3 directly on top for an additional 10 minutes, or as long as you'd like! Shampoo and condition out with OLAPLEX N°.4 and N°.5 to maximize bond-building and hydration.


Conditioning Treatments with N°.5, N°.6, and N°.7


A common side effect of going platinum is the loss of moisture in the hair. Often, platinum manes feel dry and rough. What the hair craves is a surge of hydration, and often! Seek the most hydrating products in the OLAPLEX line, like OLAPLEX N°.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, OLAPLEX N°.6 Bond Smoother, and OLAPLEX N°.7 Bonding Oil. When conditioning, opt to leave N°.5 on a little longer while you shower to attain more of its bond-building, hydrating benefits. OLAPLEX's styling products, N°.6 and N°.7, are as easy as applying a couple of drops each after showering. Merely keeping the leave-in treatment cream and oil in the hair rebuild broken bonds, moisturize, reduce frizz, add heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and protect against UV rays. 


Root Touch-ups


Before going platinum, everyone should know it is a high maintenance color. Regular root touch-ups are required to keep this color in shape and to avoid color corrections. Colorists recommend no longer than six weeks in between root touch-ups. 


Gloss Touch-ups


Is your hair color looking yellow? It's time for a gloss! Water temperature, sunlight, and heat all contribute to how quickly tonality will fade on hair. Best practices such as washing the hair less frequently and using OLAPLEX can help your color last longer. When it looks like it's time for a gloss, book an appointment!


Natural styling


The more you lay off the heat, the longer your color will last; thus, your hair will be healthier. Opt for natural hairstyles as often as possible to minimize damage to the hair. 


Washing less and rinsing with cool water 


The warmer the water you wash your hair with, the quicker it fades, which can lead to brassiness. Washing with cool water extends your color's life, just like washing your clothes in cool water preserves clothing color. 

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