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OLAPLEX-ing Around The Christmas Tree
December 10, 2021

OLAPLEX-ing Around The Christmas Tree

After a long day of shopping for presents this year, get home for some self-care before trimming the tree. Christmas decorating is timeless, with each generation adding in their own new traditions. There’s a Christmas tree decorating ritual for any family size—from Mom, Dad, and siblings to households of one. For families big or small, show yourselves some love by prepping your hair goals as you prep the tree!

Be the one to offer the new tradition of self-care while you decorate! This holiday activity is most memorable for decorating in pajamas and is the perfect opportunity for a cozy holiday OLAPLEX treatment. The treatment is ideal for all hair types, kids and parents alike. Turning this joyous activity into a simultaneous spa day might be the best idea ever for you and yours.

Pop some cookies in the oven, and mull some homemade spiced cider for a new Christmas ceremony that starts this December! Just as you would a holiday game, lay out a table with treatments and accessories for your holiday treatment. Begin with OLAPLEX Nº.0 and Nº.3 for a bond intensive treatment, then lay out some OLAPLEX Nº.8 Bond Intense Moisture mask for bond-building and hydration.

A festive idea for your holiday set up is adding hair accessories for you and your family to don while you decorate. Consider cheerful hair clips, headbands, and brushes for extra fun. For the little ones, or to show your love, consider applying the treatments on each other to bring yourselves together even more.

How to apply:
Nº.0 and Nº.3:
Dampen the hair with Nº.0. The hair should be damp, not drenched! Comb through to fully saturate, then wait ten minutes for processing. Without rinsing, add Nº.3 to the hair. Fully saturate by combing through again. Leave on for a minimum of ten minutes, although feel free to leave it on longer for added benefits while you rock around the Christmas tree. When you’re ready, shampoo and condition.

Apply to damp hair. Comb through to saturate fully. Leave the mask on for ten minutes, then rinse and style as you usually would!

Not only are you bonding over the holidays. You’ll also have healthy, shiny hair for the holidays! 

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