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November 17, 2020
matt rez

New Years Makeover + Micro Bead Hair Extensions!

Celebrity Colorist, Matt Rez of Meche Salon invited us into the salon for an epic Olaplex transformation! His client was through with her banded rooty yellow platinum and ready for a new look for the new year. But that wasn’t all, she also wanted to take her shoulder length hair to greater, fuller lengths. One platinum blonde mermaid coming right up!

Formulation: Wella Creme Lightener + 30 volume + 1/4 oz of Olaplex No. 1 

To correct previous banding, Matt likes to put cotton on the line of demarcation so he doesn’t overlap and cause any extra lifting where unneeded.

We hear it everywhere, BRASSINESS. No one wants it, but what does it actually mean? According to Matt, brassiness can mean one of two different things: yellow or orange. Be sure you and your client know exactly what brassiness means to them. Here’s how Matt approaches both types:

“If you’re doing an all over toner for a bleach blonde that you’re not going to be rooting, I love 10V from Matrix’s Permanent line. It will cut yellow!

When referring to orange brassiness, the truth is you’re probably not lifting enough. I always lift the client beyond orange, then I bring them down to their desired tone. This is the way to avoid orange brassiness.”

To correct this client’s banding, Matt applied Olaplex No. 1 on the areas he knows he will be overlapping with lightener. This helps ensure the hair will be super strong when it comes time for extra lifting.

Olaplex is completely customizable. One of the things we love learning from long time users, is how they’re customized the treatment to work for them. For Matt, he likes to mix Olaplex No.1 and No. 2 in the same bowl and applies it for a stronger treatment. In this case, he applied the mixture after each session.  

The shadow root was applied to blur the line at the root to promote a graceful grow out. Matt likes to deepen the root rather than keep it like a normal bleach and tone procedure would. By applying a level 8 to the root, the grow out of the clients natural 6/7 will be seamless and last her longer.

On to the next stage of this transformation, EXTENSIONS!        

Violet Teriti, is a Master Extension Specialist at Meche Salon. Her extensions can be seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, Chiarra Ferrangi, and Eiza Gonzalez. Just one day with her, we learned everything about her obsession and profession, virgin Russian hair extensions. Out of violets case, flowed a bevy of some of the most gorgeous hair you’ve ever seen, just waiting to meet it’s match!

Violet and Matt have been working together for 10 years. For the last two and a half years they’ve been using Olaplex to color treat the extensions and their client’s hair. Violet says “Now, I send all of my client’s home with Olaplex No. 3 and have them use it overnight every week. It helps the extensions last longer.”

The extensions are 100% Human Micro Beaded Russian hair extensions. Depending on the client’s color, the extensions will be lifted or color treated with Olaplex to match. This client’s set of extensions in particular were lightened and toned. Depending on the hair type, the extensions can last 3-6 months on the head. This all depends on how fast the hair grows and how thick it is. Thicker hair provides the extensions with an environment for longevity.


Placement of the micro bead extensions also depends on the hair texture, color, and desired length. For fine to normal hair textures, Violet uses 150-270 strands. For thicker hair, she uses about 200 strands.

TIP: Violet keeps the extensions about 1 inch away from hair line> Enough to that when the client puts their hair up in a pony tail, the beads are no noticeable.

This client had 22 inch extensions applied which could later be cut down to about 20 inches. One of the fabulous things about these extensions is they’re reusable, lasting some clients over a year… especially with the new addition of Olaplex treatments.        

Matt Rez is a Celebrity Hair Colorist at Meche Salon. You can follow his work on Instagram @balayagebymatt.

Violet Teriri is a Master Extension Specialist at Meche Salon. You can follow her work on Instagram at @chaviv_hair.

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