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Meet Kai!
July 29, 2022

Meet Kai!

We are so proud to introduce Kai, our new virtual team member via OLAPLEX AI. Kai was created by taking the images of over 240 brand advocates and employees, as well as the emotional quality of each person, to merge into a composite that is an accurate, bias-free visual representation of the entire team. We asked our social media followers to help us choose their name, out of a few options, landing on the Kai you see today!


At OLAPLEX, one of our core values is inclusivity, down to the very essence of our product. We invented a patented product that anyone with real hair can use, regardless of their hair type, ethnicity, or gender. We believe the holy grail of hair is healthy hair, and everyone should have access to that benefit.


When creating our new Artificial Intelligence, we wanted our Virtual Team Member to capture the hope and happiness of the OLAPLEX team while holding the same passion and excitement when engaging digitally to educate on OLAPLEX products and campaigns, as well as answer questions digitally.


Kai is the synthesis of us – the people that built the brand from the ground up, mirroring the community of professional hair stylists and consumers that we serve. As unique as we are as individuals, our passion for OLAPLEX unites us!


She/Her/He/Him/They/Them are the pronouns Kai goes by. Kai is primarily a gender-neutral name with multi-national origins (Hawaiian to Scandinavian) that mean ocean or sea. Say hi to Kai in the Metaverse, on, or our social media! They’re just getting started!

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