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Why You Need OLAPLEX In Every Salon Service
March 12, 2021

Why You Need OLAPLEX In Every Salon Service

Remember salons? The anticipation leading up to your appointment, reading magazines while robed in the chair, and the hair toss as you confidently walk out with your new ‘do. We’ve missed salon ‘me time’ dearly as we’re sure you have too, and now that they’ve re-opened, it’s time to get your routine back in order. Over the past year, we’ve learned the value of health, and it’s no exception to healthy hair! Before you head into your appointment, here’s why you need OLAPLEX in every service. 

There are various salon services you can treat yourself to; blow drys, haircuts, color, root touchups, treatments, relaxers, perms, and more. Though some of these are more damaging than others, they all can improve with the help of OLAPLEX. OLAPLEX rebuilds broken bonds in the hair by linking broken disulfide bonds back together to create healthy bonds. Bonds make up your hair’s structure, and when they break, it damages them, your hair. The only thing that can repair them is OLAPLEX’s patented chemistry unless you’d like to go the old-school route of cutting your hair off. We prefer the former!

Using OLAPLEX in every salon service ensures everyone walks out with healthier hair than before. In color services, OLAPLEX mitigates the damage chemicals do during processing, then rebuilds them post chemical service too. For haircuts, OLAPLEX acts as cutting lotion to rebuild hair during the cut. For texture services, OLAPLEX can prep the hair, making it as healthy as possible for the perm or relaxer. We should also mention your stylist can use OLAPLEX in the shampoo bowl and while styling with OLAPLEX Nº.4, Nº.5, Nº.6, and Nº.7.

You don’t have to have color-treated hair or damaged hair to benefit from OLAPLEX. Every head of hair thrives on being healthier. There are several ways damage occurs at home, leaving the hair lackluster when you step into the salon. Using OLAPLEX to maintain your healthy hair is ideal for fighting against the damage that comes its way from the environment, thermal and mechanical styling. When you’re ready for a salon visit, your stylist will push the envelope with color and other services you desire because of a healthy starting canvas. 

2020 was challenging for salons and hairdressers alike; show your support by visiting your local OLAPLEX using salon and booking an appointment! has a locator to help you find a stylist near you, making the search simple and fuss-free. Double points for supporting woman-owned salons and stylists this Women’s History Month! Whether you’re looking for a Springtime makeover, or want to get your old salon regiment back on track, make it healthy with OLAPLEX every step of the way. 

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